Conquering the Road: The Victory Cross Country Experience

The Victory Cross Country is a touring motorcycle produced by the now-defunct American manufacturer, Victory Motorcycles. The bike was first introduced in 2010 and quickly became popular among touring enthusiasts due to its powerful engine, comfortable riding position, and spacious storage capacity.

The Cross Country is powered by a 106-cubic inch V-twin engine that produces 92 horsepower and 109 lb-ft of torque. This powerplant is mated to a six-speed transmission with overdrive, allowing for effortless cruising at highway speeds. Additionally, the bike features an electronic fuel injection system that ensures efficient fuel consumption.

One of the standout features of the Victory Cross Country is its spacious storage capacity. The bike comes equipped with hard saddlebags capable of holding up to 21 gallons of cargo, as well as a large trunk behind the rider’s seat that can hold an additional 18 gallons. This ample space makes it ideal for long-distance trips, allowing riders to bring along all their necessary gear without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Other notable features include cruise control, ABS brakes, adjustable rear suspension, and an audio system with speakers mounted on either side of the fairing. These added amenities make it clear that Victory designed this motorcycle with long-distance touring in mind.

Overall, the Victory Cross Country offers riders a powerful yet comfortable ride with plenty of space for luggage and other necessities while on extended trips. Though no longer in production since Polaris Industries decided to shut down its operation back in January 2017 (as announced by their press release), riders still have access to used models through resellers or private sellers looking for new homes for their beloved bikes—and there are even some companies still offering parts & accessories such as Custom Dynamics which specializes in LED lighting products fitting various models from Victory motorcycles including this one too!

Overview of the Victory Cross Country motorcycle

The Victory Cross Country is a touring motorcycle model from American manufacturer Victory Motorcycles. It was first introduced in 2010 and has since gained popularity among riders who seek comfort, style, and performance during long distance trips.

The bike comes with a powerful 106 cubic inch Freedom V-Twin engine that produces up to 97 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain is mated to a six-speed transmission that delivers smooth shifting and easy handling on the road.

The chassis of the Victory Cross Country consists of an aluminum frame that provides strength without adding too much weight. The suspension system includes front telescopic forks and rear air-assisted shock absorbers that can be adjusted for compression, rebound damping, and preload based on rider preferences or cargo load.

In terms of styling, the Victory Cross Country features classic cruiser lines combined with modern accents such as LED lighting, optional fairing-mounted audio system, or lockable hard saddlebags that provide ample storage space for gear or personal items. The seat height is adjustable to accommodate different body types while allowing for an upright riding position that reduces fatigue during long rides.

Safety features on this model include anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard equipment across all trims levels along with electronic stability control (ESC), cruise control ,and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

In conclusion, the Victory Cross Country offers a comfortable ride for those who enjoy touring motorcycles but want something more unique than traditional Harley-Davidson models. Its combination of powertrain performance, suspension adjustability options as well as storage capacity make it an attractive option for many riders looking to hit the open road in style.

Preparing for the journey

Before embarking on a long journey on your Victory Cross Country, it is essential to prepare yourself and your bike. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and safe ride:

Bike maintenance

  • Check tire pressure and tread depth.
  • Ensure brake pads have enough life left.
  • Inspect all lights, indicators, and mirrors.
  • Clean air filters and replace if necessary.
  • Change oil and filter before hitting the road if it’s due soon anyway; otherwise do so shortly after returning home from your trip.

Gear checklist

  • A DOT-approved helmet with an anti-fog visor or goggles that fit well over prescription glasses (if you wear them).
  • A comfortable pair of riding boots with good grip on the soles to prevent slipping off foot pegs or floorboards while shifting gears or braking hard in emergency situations.
  • Riding gloves made of durable materials such as leather or textile fabric that provide good grip on handlebars without restricting movement of fingers;
  • A protective jacket made of abrasion-resistant materials such as leather, Kevlar┬«, Cordura┬« nylon etc., with elbow/shoulder/back protection inserts equivalent to CE Level-1 standard;
  • Pants made of similar materials providing knee/shin protection so you can effortlessly slide into any situation; Knee braces underneath pants also helps in reducing fatigue during longer rides;
  • Hearing protection like earplugs reduces wind noise which causes hearing loss;

Road conditions & route planning

It is important to take into account weather changes or road conditions that may affect your route. Plan for unexpected events as well. A GPS unit, smartphone with maps or paper maps are all good tools to help navigate unfamiliar roads.

Final Tips

  • Take breaks every two hours to stretch your legs and stay alert.
  • Clothing should be layered, so you can adjust your temperature depending on the weather.
  • Pack light and use saddlebags or luggage racks to keep center of gravity low.

By following these tips, you will be ready for a more enjoyable ride on your Victory Cross Country.

The ride: conquering the open road

The victory cross country is a powerful touring motorcycle that allows riders to conquer the open road with ease. This bike is designed for long rides and has all the features necessary to keep the rider comfortable during extended periods on the road.

One of the key features of this motorcycle is its large fuel tank, which can hold up to 5.8 gallons of gas. This means that riders can cover long distances without having to constantly stop for refueling.

The victory cross country also has a six-speed transmission, which provides smooth shifting and optimal power delivery. The transmission works in conjunction with a powerful engine that produces 106 horsepower and 106 pounds-feet of torque.

Another important feature of this motorcycle is its suspension system, which consists of telescopic forks at the front and an air-adjustable shock at the rear. This setup provides a smooth ride over rough roads, allowing riders to stay comfortable even on long journeys.

Comfort is further enhanced by some additional features like cruise control, heated grips, adjustable floorboards etc., making it easier for riders to maintain their desired riding position for hours together without any discomfort or fatigue setting in as quickly as it normally would.

Furthermore, Victory Cross Country comes equipped with advanced safety features including Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), electronic cruise control etc., ensuring maximum safety while you’re out there enjoying your ride on highways or winding roads.

Features and benefits of the Victory Cross Country

The Victory Cross Country is a touring motorcycle that was first introduced by the American motorcycle manufacturer Victory Motorcycles in 2010. This bike has gained popularity among riders who are looking for a comfortable, powerful, and stylish cruiser that can handle long-distance rides with ease.


  • Engine: The Victory Cross Country comes equipped with a powerful 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-twin engine that delivers an impressive 92 horsepower and 109 lb-ft of torque. This engine provides smooth acceleration and effortless cruising on highways.
  • Suspension: The bike features a suspension system that includes telescopic front forks and rear air shock absorbers. This setup offers excellent ride comfort, stability, and control even on rough roads.
  • Brakes: The Victory Cross Country comes with dual disc brakes at the front and single disc brake at the rear. These brakes provide strong stopping power, which is essential for safe riding.
  • Tires: The bike has large-diameter tires (130/70R18 front; 180/60R16 rear) that offer improved traction, stability, and handling in all conditions.
  • Ergonomics: The seat height of this bike is adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights. It also features floorboards for added comfort during long rides.


  1. Better Comfort: The adjustable seat height coupled with floorboards makes riding more comfortable over longer distances than most other bikes in its class.
  2. Premium Features: The Victory Cross Country boasts premium features like Bluetooth audio speakers or MP3 hook-up, cruise control, ABS brakes, and electronic fuel injection that make it a touring bike of choice for riders.
  3. Improved Handling: The large-diameter tires offer improved handling in all conditions. The Victory Cross Country also provides excellent stability and control even at high speeds, making it an ideal bike for long-distance cruising.
  4. Powerful Engine: The 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-twin engine delivers excellent power and torque to effortlessly handle any terrain. It offers smooth acceleration and steady power delivery that makes it easy to ride even when fully loaded with luggage or passengers.
  5. Better Safety: The dual disc brakes at the front provide strong stopping power, while the single disc brake at the rear offers added security during sudden stops. With these features combined with ABS braking technology, riders can rest assured they are safe on their journey.

Maintenance tips for long-distance rides

Long-distance rides can be quite taxing on the Victory Cross Country motorcycle. To ensure that the bike is in top condition throughout your journey, it is important to perform regular maintenance checks. Here are some tips to keep your Victory Cross Country running smoothly during long-distance trips:

1. Check tire pressure regularly

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a motorcycle is ensuring proper tire pressure. When riding long distances, tire pressure tends to fluctuate due to temperature changes and increased load on the bike. Keep a portable air compressor handy and check tire pressure before embarking on each leg of your journey.

2. Change engine oil and filter

Before setting out on a long ride, make sure you change your engine oil and filter according to manufacturer recommendations. Fresh oil ensures that all internal components are lubricated properly and runs smoother.

3. Inspect brakes

Brakes are critical for safe riding experience, especially during long distance journeys where there may be unexpected stops or tight turns ahead.Make sure both front and rear brakes have enough brake pad life left.The rotors should also be checked for any signs of warping or uneven wear.

4.Check battery health

The battery plays an important role in starting the motorcycle as well as powering various electrical systems while you ride.Long distance riders tend not turn off their motorcycles so often.Battery life can get affected if it’s overused which will affect other electrical systems too.Before going out for such trip,it’s better to check its health by using multimeter or professional mechanic.

5.Clean air filter:

Air filters keep contaminants from entering into engine but dirty ones restrict airflow which reduces performance.Its best practice replacing them after every 15k miles.But if you plan going through dusty areas,cleaning it before riding is recommended.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Victory Cross Country stays in top condition during long-distance rides. Remember to always be prepared and perform regular checks before embarking on any journey.

Conclusion: The Victory Cross Country as the ultimate touring motorcycle

After analyzing all the features and characteristics of the Victory Cross Country, it is clear that this motorcycle is one of the best options for those who love touring. Its powerful engine, comfortable seating position, and ample storage capacity make it an ideal choice for long-distance rides.

The Victory Cross Country’s 106 cubic inch Freedom V-twin engine delivers impressive power and torque, making it capable of handling any terrain or road condition. Its six-speed transmission provides smooth gear shifting, adding to its overall performance.

When it comes to comfort, the Victory Cross Country excels in every aspect. Its ergonomically designed seat ensures a relaxed riding position even on extended journeys. The windscreen protects riders from windblast while their feet remain protected by floorboards.

Another notable feature of the Victory Cross Country is its considerable storage space. It has two hard saddlebags with a total volume capacity of over 20 gallons – enough to carry everything you need for your trip without having to compromise on essential items.

Additionally, the bike’s advanced audio system enables riders to enjoy high-quality music while they ride. This feature adds more fun to long-distance trips and helps break up monotony during extended periods on the road.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an ultimate touring motorcycle that offers comfort and convenience along with reliable performance capabilities; then look no further than the Victory Cross Country!

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