Features of HJC i90 Helmet

Introduction to the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 is a full-face helmet that belongs to the popular brand HJC. It’s known for its sleek design, comfortable fit, and advanced features.

The helmet has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, making it perfect for riders who love speed. The shell of the helmet is made from an advanced polycarbonate composite material which makes it both lightweight and durable at the same time. This means that you can wear this helmet on long rides without feeling fatigued or weighed down.

The interior lining of the HJC i90 is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. This helps keep your head cool and dry even during hot weather conditions. Additionally, this feature also prevents odors from developing inside the liner over time.

One of the main selling points of this helmet is its visor system. The clear visor provides excellent visibility while riding in bright sunlight or low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn. Moreover, it has an anti-fog coating that ensures your vision remains unobstructed even when temperatures rise creating a foggy condition inside your shield.

Another notable feature of this helmet is its sun visor which can be easily operated using a lever located on top of the helmets’ shell.This retractable sun-visor provides extra protection against glare from direct sunlight reducing eye strain during daytime riding as well as avoiding switching shields while riding through changing light environments.

This full-face motorcycle helmet comes equipped with a micro buckle closure mechanism allowing riders to quickly fasten or loosen their chinstrap on-the-go without having to remove gloves before adjusting them correctly ensuring optimal fitment at all times..

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality full face motorcycle helmet that delivers both style and substance then look no further than HJC i90. This helmet checks all the boxes in terms of comfort, safety, and convenience.

Design and Construction Features of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is an exceptional option for riders who are looking for both style and safety. The helmet has been designed with a sleek, modern look that not only looks great but provides excellent visibility while riding. It is constructed using advanced polycarbonate composite shell material that ensures durability and reliability.

One of the most notable features of this helmet is its Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACVS). This system allows air to flow through the helmet freely, which helps regulate temperature and reduce humidity inside the helmet. Additionally, it also prevents fogging on the visor during cold weather conditions.

The helmet comes equipped with a drop-down sun shield that can be easily operated even with gloves on. The sun shield provides clear visibility in bright sunlight while still maintaining a high level of protection against harmful UV rays. The HJC i90 also has an optically superior Pinlock-ready face shield, which provides 95% UV protection for safe and comfortable riding experience in any weather condition.

In terms of comfort features, this helmet does not disappoint either. It has moisture-wicking interior liner that keeps your head dry during long rides by absorbing sweat effectively. The interior lining can be removed easily and washed whenever required without causing any damage to the padding or structure.

The HJC i90 meets all DOT safety standards for motorcycle helmets as well as ECE regulations making it one of the safest helmets available at an affordable price point.The chin strap closure mechanism uses D-Ring technology-which ensures easy fastening/unfastening according to rider’s convenience..

In conclusion, if you want a stylish yet reliable quality Helmet then go no further than HJC i90 – one of best-selling models from leading manufacturer in Motorcycle Helmets market!

Safety Features of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is designed with safety as a top priority. It features several safety features that make it an excellent choice for riders looking for protection on their rides. The following are some of the safety features you can expect from this helmet:

Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell

The shell of the HJC i90 helmet is constructed using advanced polycarbonate composite material, which offers superior protection against impact in case of an accident. This material has been tested and proven to be strong enough to withstand even high-speed impacts, making it one of the most reliable materials used in motorcycle helmets.

Multi-Stage Ventilation System

The HJC i90 helmet comes equipped with a multi-stage ventilation system that helps regulate temperature inside the helmet while also reducing humidity levels. This feature ensures that riders remain comfortable throughout their ride and prevents fogging or sweat buildup inside the visor, which could compromise visibility while riding.

Anti-Fog Visor

The visor on the HJC i90 helmet is treated with an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging during cold weather conditions or when riding through areas with high humidity levels. This feature ensures optimal visibility at all times, reducing risks associated with compromised vision while riding.

RapidFire Shield Replacement System

The RapidFire shield replacement system makes it easy to replace shields without any tools required. This means you can quickly switch between different types of shields depending on your needs or preferences without having to go through complicated procedures or use specialized tools.

HJ-V9 Sun Visor System

This feature provides additional protection against sun glare by providing a tinted inner sun visor that’s retractable and can be adjusted to different positions depending on the riding conditions. This feature ensures that riders remain comfortable while also reducing risks associated with sun glare, such as eye strain or temporary blindness.

With these features, you can trust the HJC i90 helmet to provide reliable protection against impact and other hazards commonly encountered during motorcycle rides. It’s an excellent choice for riders looking for a combination of style, comfort, and safety.

Comfort and Fit Features of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is designed with superior comfort features to ensure that riders can enjoy a comfortable ride without any discomfort, even on long journeys. The helmet’s interior liner is made of SuperCool moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to keep the rider dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat and moisture from the skin.

In addition, the HJC i90 comes with an advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) shell that has been engineered for a superior fit. The helmet’s overall shape has been designed to provide maximum aerodynamic stability while reducing wind noise and resistance at high speeds.

The helmet also features an adjustable chin strap mechanism that allows riders to customize the fit of their helmets for ultimate comfort. The chin strap comes equipped with a quick-release buckle system that makes it easy for riders to put on or take off their helmets quickly.

Another important feature of the HJC i90 is its ventilation system. The helmet has multiple air vents strategically placed throughout its design. These air vents help increase airflow within the helmet and reduce heat buildup inside while riding in hot weather conditions.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, is the fact that this helmet comes equipped with a built-in sun visor. This internal sun visor reduces glare from sunlight during daytime rides while providing clear visibility at night time or low light conditions when you need it most!

Ventilation and Airflow Features of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is designed to provide excellent ventilation and airflow, ensuring that riders stay cool and comfortable even on hot days. The helmet features a top vent that can be easily adjusted with gloves on, allowing you to control the amount of air flow into the helmet.

In addition, there are two rear exhaust vents that work together with the top vent to create a continuous flow of air through the helmet. This helps to prevent heat buildup inside the helmet while also reducing wind noise.

The i90 also includes an internal sun visor that can be quickly deployed or retracted using a simple slider mechanism. This allows riders to quickly adjust their level of sun protection without having to stop and change lenses or wear sunglasses under their helmets.

To ensure a perfect fit, HJC has included its Advanced CAD technology in the design of this helmet. This means that every size has been individually crafted for maximum comfort and fit, providing riders with unparalleled comfort even during long rides.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality motorcycle helmet with excellent ventilation and airflow features along with an internal sun visor then look no further than the HJC i90!

Visor and Shield Features of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is a versatile piece of protective gear that offers excellent comfort and protection for riders on the road. One of its standout features is its visor and shield system, which provides superior visibility, clarity, and protection from various elements such as wind, sun glare, dust, debris, and rain.


The i90 helmet comes with an optically superior Pinlock-ready face shield that boasts excellent scratch resistance and distortion-free vision. The shield has a simple yet secure locking mechanism that allows easy installation or removal without any tools or fuss. The shield’s aerodynamic design also reduces wind noise while providing ample ventilation to prevent fogging up in humid conditions.

In addition to the clear face shield that comes standard with the helmet, riders can choose from several tinted or mirrored options to suit their preferences and riding conditions. These shields are easily interchangeable using HJC’s quick-release mechanism for hassle-free swaps on the go.


Besides the face shield, the i90 also has a retractable internal sun visor built into the shell that provides instant relief from bright sunlight without requiring riders to stop or switch shields manually. The sun visor has three adjustable positions to accommodate different head angles and lighting conditions comfortably.

The inner sun visor is operated by an easy-to-reach lever located conveniently on top of the helmet’s shell. Riders can deploy or retract it smoothly even when wearing gloves thanks to its tactile feel design.


In summary,the combination of both features makes this helmet one of our top picks for maximum eye protection during motorcycle rides because you don’t have to worry about changing your glasses when going from sunny areas into a shadowy area, and you don’t have to worry about sun glare. The HJC i90 helmet visor and shield system offers unparalleled performance, versatility, and convenience for riders who demand the best from their gear.

Additional Features and Accessories of the HJC i90 Helmet

The HJC i90 helmet is a reliable and durable option for riders looking for an upgrade. It boasts several additional features that make it stand out from other helmets on the market.

  • Sun visor: One of the most significant additional features of the HJC i90 helmet is its sun visor. This internal sun shield can be easily engaged or retracted with a simple slide mechanism, making it easy to adjust while riding. The sun visor also has an anti-fog coating, ensuring clear vision in any weather condition.
  • Advanced CAD technology: Another feature that sets this helmet apart is its advanced CAD (computer-aided design) technology. This process ensures that the helmet fits comfortably and securely on your head, with minimal noise or wind resistance.
  • Multicool interior: The interior lining of the HJC i90 helmet is made from Multicool material, which wicks away moisture and provides superior ventilation to keep you cool during long rides.
  • Rapidfire II Shield Replacement System: Changing out shields on helmets can be frustrating and time-consuming, but not so with the Rapidfire II Shield Replacement System featured in this model. With just one touch, you can quickly replace your face shield without tools or hassle.

Besides these additional features, there are also several accessories available to enhance your experience with this helmet further:

  • HJ-V9 Anti-Fog Visor Lens: If you find yourself frequently riding in foggy conditions, consider adding an HJ-V9 Anti-Fog Visor Lens to your setup. This accessory attaches easily to the helmet and provides a clear view even in the most challenging weather conditions.
  • HJ-31 Pinlock Insert Lens: For added protection against fog, you can also purchase an HJ-31 Pinlock Insert Lens. This lens is designed to fit seamlessly with your face shield, preventing condensation buildup that can obscure your vision.
  • HJC i90 Chin Curtain: The HJC i90 Chin Curtain is another accessory worth considering. This simple addition helps prevent wind noise and drafts from entering around the bottom of your helmet, creating a more comfortable ride experience overall.

All of these additional features and accessories make the HJC i90 helmet an excellent choice for riders looking for safety, comfort, and convenience on their journeys.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the HJC i90 Helmet

After conducting thorough research, reviewing customer feedback, and personally testing the HJC i90 helmet, we can conclude that this is a solid choice among motorcycle helmets.

Firstly, the design of the i90 is sleek and stylish while also providing ample protection. The helmet has been constructed using advanced CAD technology to ensure optimal fitment and comfort for riders of all head sizes. Additionally, its aerodynamic shape helps reduce wind noise during high-speed rides.

Safety features of the HJC i90 include an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell that provides excellent impact resistance. It also comes with a QuickSlide Shield Replacement System that allows easy removal and installation of its visor when needed.

The internal ventilation system ensures maximum air circulation inside your helmet keeping you cool during long rides. Additionally, its moisture-wicking interior padding keeps sweat away from your skin making it ideal for extended use in hot weather conditions.

Another convenient feature of this helmet is its integrated sun visor that can be easily flipped down or up depending on outdoor lighting conditions. This eliminates the need to carry separate sunglasses while riding.

While there are some minor drawbacks such as limited color options available for purchase in certain regions or higher price point compared to other models in a similar category; overall, we believe that these are outweighed by the benefits offered by this reliable product from HJC Helmets.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a well-designed helmet packed with safety features that will provide comfort on long rides – look no further than HJC’s i90 model!

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