Honda CRF 125F: A Compact Dirt Bike for Off-Road Adventures

The Honda CRF 125F is a dirt bike that has been designed specifically for beginner riders. It comes with a host of features that make it easy to ride and handle. This bike is lightweight, agile, and perfect for off-road adventures.

The Honda CRF 125F has a powerful four-stroke engine that delivers smooth power delivery throughout the rev range. The engine displacement is 124cc, which provides ample power for this size of the bike. The engine is air-cooled, which means there are no liquid cooling systems to maintain.

This dirt bike features a sturdy steel frame that can handle all kinds of terrains without any issues. The suspension system comprises an inverted fork at the front and a pro-link rear suspension at the back. These provide excellent shock absorption capabilities and help keep the rider in full control even on rough terrain.

The Honda CRF 125F comes equipped with disc brakes at both ends, providing excellent stopping power when needed. The front disc brake measures 220mm while the rear disc brake measures 190mm in diameter.

In terms of ergonomics, this dirt bike has been designed keeping comfort in mind. The seat height stands at just over 29 inches making it suitable for riders who may not be very tall yet allowing enough room so taller ones won’t feel cramped while riding.

Overall, the Honda CRF 125F is an excellent choice for novice riders looking to venture into off-road biking or want to upgrade from smaller bikes as they grow older. Its durability ensures long-lasting usage while its reliable performance guarantees plenty of fun on every ride!

Overview of Honda CRF 125F

The Honda CRF 125F is a dirt bike designed for beginners and younger riders. It was first introduced in 2014 as a replacement for the CRF 80 and has since undergone several upgrades to improve its performance, durability, and safety features.

The bike’s engine is a four-stroke, single-cylinder that delivers smooth power and torque suitable for off-road riding. The displacement capacity is 124cc, with a maximum horsepower of 8.7hp at 7,000rpm. The engine comes with an air-cooling system that keeps it cool during long rides or hot weather conditions.

The transmission on the Honda CRF 125F comes in two options; manual or automatic clutch. The manual transmission uses five-speed gears while the automatic clutch has four speeds but no clutch lever to operate. This makes it ideal for beginner riders who are still learning how to shift gears.

The suspension on this bike consists of standard telescopic forks upfront with adjustable preload settings while the rear uses a Pro-LinkĀ® Showa single shock absorber also adjustable so you can tailor your ride according to terrain you encounter.

The frame utilizes steel construction, which provides excellent rigidity without adding unnecessary weight making maneuvering easier even when navigating through tight trails.

Additional features include electric start (no more kicking!), front disc brakes (drum brake at the back), comfortable seat height of about thirty inches (30″), lightweight aluminium rims wrapped in knobby tires providing ample traction over varying surfaces

For added safety measures, there are handguards installed that provide protection against flying debris from off-road hazards like rocks or branches plus all lighting required by law including turn signals should you ever want to hit public roads!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an entry-level dirt bike for your kid or yourself, the Honda CRF 125F is an excellent choice. Its engine, suspension system, and other features are designed to provide a comfortable ride while still delivering enough power to tackle challenging terrains. With proper maintenance and adequate care, this bike will last a long time and become a reliable partner on all your off-road adventures.

Design and Features

The Honda CRF 125F is designed to be easy to ride, with a low seat height of just over 29 inches, making it accessible for riders of all sizes. The bike has a sleek and modern look, with eye-catching graphics that make it stand out on the trail.

One of the key features of the CRF 125F is its fuel-injected engine. This four-stroke engine delivers smooth and reliable power, while also being environmentally friendly thanks to its low emissions. The bike also includes electric start technology which makes starting up the bike quick and effortless.

The suspension system on the CRF 125F is designed for off-road riding. It features Showa forks in front as well as an adjustable rear shock that can be tuned for different rider weights or terrain conditions. These components work together to provide a comfortable ride even when navigating rough terrain or jumping obstacles.

Another feature worth noting is the high-quality brakes on this bike. The front disc brake provides excellent stopping power while also offering good modulation so you can control your speed precisely. A drum brake at the back provides additional stopping force when needed.

Finally, Honda has included some thoughtful design elements that add extra convenience for riders. For example, there are two sets of footpegs – one for taller riders and another set lower down for beginners or shorter riders who need more stability while learning to balance on two wheels.

In conclusion, Honda has put significant effort into designing a dirt bike that’s both easy to use and capable enough for off-road adventures through their CRF 125f model line-up with impressive design features such as low seat-heights accessibility , fuel-injection technology , showa suspensions , disc brakes etc., thereby enabling riders across different skill levels enjoy a fun-filled riding experience without compromising safety .

Engine and Performance

The Honda CRF 125F is equipped with a four-stroke, air-cooled engine that has a displacement of 124.9cc. This engine produces a maximum power output of 8.7 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and a peak torque of 10 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

The engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission that offers smooth gear shifts and allows the rider to easily find the right gear for any terrain or riding condition. The clutch lever is designed to require minimal effort, making it easy to operate for riders of all skill levels.

One feature that sets the Honda CRF 125F apart from other dirt bikes in its class is its fuel injection system. This advanced technology ensures precise fuel delivery and optimal performance in all conditions while also maximizing fuel efficiency.

In terms of suspension, the CRF 125F features an adjustable Showa fork up front with long travel for optimal shock absorption on rough terrain. At the rear, there’s a Pro-Link single-shock setup that provides excellent damping performance while maintaining good stability and control.

To help ensure reliable stopping power when needed, this bike also comes equipped with disc brakes both up front and at the rear. The front brake uses a wave-style rotor design for improved heat dissipation during heavy use.

Overall, these features make the Honda CRF 125F an excellent choice for riders looking for an entry-level dirt bike that delivers impressive performance and reliability on any trail or track.

Suspension and Handling

The Honda CRF125F is designed for off-road use, which means that its suspension and handling are crucial components of the bike’s performance. The front suspension features 31mm telescopic forks with 5.9 inches of travel, while the rear suspension utilizes a Pro-LinkĀ® single-shock system with 5.9 inches of travel as well.

Both the front and rear suspensions are adjustable to accommodate different rider weights and riding conditions. The spring preload on both ends can be adjusted using simple tools, allowing for a more customized setup tailored to individual riders.

The bike’s lightweight frame also contributes to its excellent handling capabilities. It is made from high-tensile steel, which not only provides strength but also helps keep the weight down to just 194 pounds (without fuel). This makes it easy for riders to maneuver through tight trails and technical terrain.

Additionally, the CRF125F features a low seat height of just over 28 inches, making it accessible for shorter riders while still providing ample ground clearance.

Overall, the Honda CRF125F offers a well-rounded package when it comes to suspension and handling. Its adjustable suspensions allow for customization based on rider preference or terrain conditions while its lightweight frame and low seat height make it an ideal choice for new or smaller riders looking to explore off-road adventures without feeling overwhelmed by larger bikes.

Off-Road Capabilities

The Honda CRF 125F is designed to be a versatile off-road motorcycle that can handle a wide range of terrain. It features long travel suspension with 7.1 inches of front and rear travel, which helps it absorb bumps and rough terrain with ease.

The bike also has a high ground clearance of 10.4 inches, allowing it to tackle rocks, logs, and other obstacles on the trail without getting hung up. The frame is made from sturdy steel tubing for added durability.

Powering the CRF 125F is a reliable air-cooled four-stroke engine that produces smooth power throughout the rev range. It has plenty of low-end torque for climbing hills and technical sections, but still has enough top-end power for faster riding.

The bike features an electric starter for easy starting, as well as a backup kickstarter in case the battery dies or you need to start the bike without electricity. The clutch lever is also adjustable to fit different hand sizes and preferences.

Overall, the Honda CRF 125F is an excellent choice for riders who want a capable off-road motorcycle that’s easy to ride and maintain. Its combination of long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, durable construction, and reliable engine make it one of the best bikes in its class.

Maintenance and Durability

The Honda CRF125F is a durable and reliable dirt bike that requires minimal maintenance. It has a low-maintenance engine with an automatic cam chain tensioner that ensures the timing stays accurate, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments. The air filter is easily accessible, making it easy to replace or clean when necessary.

To ensure proper maintenance, it’s recommended to change the oil every 600 miles or six months, whichever comes first. The bike comes with a convenient oil drain plug that allows for quick oil changes without needing to remove any parts of the bike.

The CRF125F also has a durable chassis made from high-tensile steel that provides excellent stability and durability while riding off-road. Additionally, the suspension system features long-travel forks in front and a rear mono-shock setup which helps absorb shocks and provide better handling over uneven terrain.

Another notable feature of this dirt bike is its electric start system which eliminates the need for kickstarting. This makes starting up your bike effortless even after you’ve been riding all day long.

Overall, with its low maintenance requirements coupled with its sturdy build quality, the Honda CRF125F is designed to be a dependable dirt bike that can withstand years of use on rough terrains without breaking down or requiring significant repairs.


In conclusion, the Honda CRF 125F is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable and versatile off-road motorcycle. It offers an impressive combination of power and handling that makes it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of the CRF 125F is its engine. It boasts a four-stroke, single-cylinder design that delivers smooth and consistent power throughout the rev range. This allows riders to tackle even the toughest terrain with ease.

The bike’s chassis is also worth mentioning. It has been designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, which helps improve stability and maneuverability while riding off-road. Additionally, the suspension system provides enough travel to absorb bumps and jumps without feeling harsh or jarring.

Another notable feature of this bike is its fuel efficiency. The CRF 125F boasts a small but efficient fuel tank that can provide hours of riding time on a single fill-up. This means you can spend more time out on the trails without having to worry about running out of gas.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable yet capable off-road motorcycle that won’t let you down when it matters most, then look no further than the Honda CRF 125F. With its reliable performance and durable construction, this bike is sure to provide years of fun-filled adventures on any terrain imaginable!

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