Husqvarna 501: Features and Performance

Husqvarna 501 is a dual-sport motorcycle that has been manufactured by Husqvarna Motorcycles since 2019. The bike features a powerful engine, advanced suspension system, and cutting-edge technology to make it one of the most capable bikes for both on-road and off-road adventures.

The Husqvarna 501 is equipped with a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that delivers an impressive output of 55 horsepower. The bike has a six-speed transmission system, which allows riders to easily shift gears depending on their riding conditions.

One of the most notable features of the Husqvarna 501 is its lightweight design. Weighing in at just over 100 kg or around 220 lbs (dry weight), it makes maneuvering through tight corners and navigating challenging terrain much easier.

The suspension system of the Husqvarna 501 consists of WP Xplor forks and shock absorbers, which provide excellent handling capabilities both on- and off-road. Additionally, this bike comes with Brembo brakes that are responsive and reliable in any situation.

Another significant advantage offered by the Husqvarna 501 is its advanced technology. The motorcycle features ride-by-wire throttle control for precise power delivery; traction control to ensure maximum grip while accelerating; adjustable engine mapping settings so you can customize your ride based on your preferences; LED lights for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions; as well as other modern amenities such as Bluetooth connectivity for easy communication with your phone or music player.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an adventure-ready dual-sport motorbike that offers exceptional performance both on- and off-road accompanied by innovative tech solutions – then look no further than the impressive Husqvarna 501!

Overview of the Husqvarna 501

The Husqvarna 501 is a powerful and reliable dirt bike that was designed for off-road adventures. It features a lightweight frame, high-end suspension system, and a potent engine that delivers impressive performance on all types of terrain.

The bike comes equipped with a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces up to 55 horsepower at peak rpm. This power is transmitted through a six-speed gearbox with smooth shifting capabilities, allowing riders to tackle steep hills and rough terrain with ease.

The suspension system on the Husqvarna 501 is one of its standout features. It includes WP Xplor forks in the front and WP shock absorbers in the rear, both of which are fully adjustable to suit any rider’s preferences or terrain conditions. The suspension provides excellent handling and stability even when tackling challenging obstacles such as rocks or tree roots.

In terms of brakes, the Husqvarna 501 features Brembo hydraulic disc brakes both in the front and rear wheels, providing dependable stopping power regardless of speed or surface conditions.

The bike also comes equipped with numerous other advanced features such as an electric starter for easy ignition, LED lighting for better visibility during night rides, as well as various safety mechanisms like traction control systems to maintain stability when navigating slippery surfaces.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performing dirt bike that can handle tough terrains while delivering excellent ride comfort and safety features then look no further than the Husqvarna 501!

Features of the Husqvarna 501

The Husqvarna 501 is a powerful and reliable motorcycle that is designed for off-road adventures. It comes with a range of features that make it an ideal choice for riders who want to explore rugged terrain and challenging environments. Some of the key features of the Husqvarna 501 include:

  • Engine: The Husqvarna 501 is powered by a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance on any terrain.
  • Suspension: This motorcycle features top-of-the-line suspension components, including WP Xplor forks and a rear shock absorber, which provide exceptional handling and stability over rough terrain.
  • Brakes: The Husqvarna 501 comes equipped with high-performance Brembo brakes that offer excellent stopping power in all conditions.
  • Tires: This motorcycle rides on Metzeler tires, which are renowned for their durability, traction, and grip on dirt surfaces.
  • Ergonomics: The seating position of the Husqvarna 501 is designed to provide maximum comfort for riders during long rides or multi-day expeditions. Its handlebars are also adjustable to accommodate different riding styles and preferences.
  • Lights: The LED headlight provides excellent visibility at night, while also being energy-efficient.

In addition to these standard features, there are several optional extras available for the Husqvarna 501. These include additional protection accessories such as handguards and skid plates to protect against damage from rocks or debris. There are also luggage solutions available in order to increase storage capacity, as well as a range of performance upgrades such as exhaust systems and engine tuning kits to enhance the already impressive power and performance of this motorcycle.

Overall, the Husqvarna 501 is an excellent choice for riders who want a high-quality off-road motorcycle that can handle anything they throw at it. With its powerful engine, top-of-the-line suspension, superior braking system, durable tires and comfortable ergonomics, this bike is designed to provide maximum adventure while also being reliable enough for long-distance expeditions.

Engine Performance

When it comes to engine performance, the Husqvarna 501 is among the best in its class. The bike features a powerful and reliable liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers exceptional power and torque. With a displacement of 510cc, the engine can produce up to 58 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 37 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm.

The fuel-injected SOHC engine is mated to a six-speed transmission that provides smooth shifting and allows for easy control over the bike’s power delivery. The gearbox also features a slipper clutch that helps prevent rear-wheel hop during aggressive downshifting.

One of the standout features of the Husqvarna 501’s engine is its ability to perform well across all riding conditions. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or tackling challenging off-road terrain, this bike has plenty of power and acceleration to spare. Additionally, with its lightweight construction and agile handling characteristics, riders can easily maneuver through tight corners and technical sections with ease.

Other notable components that contribute to this bike’s top-tier performance are its high-quality suspension system, advanced braking system featuring Brembo calipers front and rear with wave discs for consistent stopping power, high-end electronics package including traction control switchable ABS brakes for improved safety while out on rides.

Overall, if you’re looking for an enduro motorcycle capable of delivering impressive speed and agility both on- road or off-road then look no further than Husqvarna’s exceptional offering in their line-up -the refined & robust Husqvarna FE501!

Suspension and Handling

The Husqvarna 501 is a dual-sport motorcycle that boasts exceptional suspension and handling capabilities. The bike comes equipped with WP Xplor suspension, which features advanced technology that allows for optimal performance on both rough terrain and smooth roads.

The front suspension of the Husqvarna 501 consists of a WP Xplor USD fork, while the rear suspension utilizes a WP Xplor PDS shock absorber. Both systems are fully adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the settings to suit their riding style and preferences.

In addition to its impressive suspension system, the Husqvarna 501 also offers exceptional handling thanks to its lightweight chassis design. The bike’s frame is made from high-strength chromoly steel, which provides excellent rigidity and durability without adding excess weight.

Other factors contributing to the bike’s nimble handling include its low center of gravity, wide handlebars, and responsive throttle control. Whether navigating tight corners or cruising down open highways, riders can expect precise control and confident handling from the Husqvarna 501.

Overall, if you’re in search of a dual-sport motorcycle with top-notch suspension and handling capabilities, look no further than the Husqvarna 501. With advanced technology designed specifically for off-road adventures coupled with agile street capability – this machine is built for adventure!

Braking System

The Husqvarna 501 is equipped with a high-performance braking system that ensures the rider’s safety and control during maneuvers. The bike features a hydraulic dual-piston floating calliper brake at the front and a single-piston floating calliper brake at the rear.

The front brake system includes a 260mm disc, while the rear brake system comes with a smaller 220mm disc. These discs are made of high-quality materials that guarantee excellent durability and performance even under tough conditions.

Additionally, both brakes come equipped with Brembo pads, which are known for their superior stopping power and low wear rate. This combination of components ensures precise braking performance in all riding situations, from sudden stops to gradual deceleration.

To further enhance its safety features, this model also comes with an advanced ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard equipment. This technology prevents wheel lock-up during emergency braking scenarios by modulating hydraulic pressure to maintain traction on slippery surfaces or when making hard stops.

In summary, the Husqvarna 501’s braking system is designed to provide riders with confidence-inspiring stopping power and excellent control in all types of terrain. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or tackling off-road trails, this bike’s brakes will keep you safe and secure every step of the way.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The Husqvarna 501 is designed with user comfort in mind. It features an ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue, allowing for longer periods of use without discomfort. The handles are also positioned strategically to provide better balance and control when operating the machine.

Additionally, the Husqvarna 501 has an adjustable handlebar that can be moved up or down depending on the height of the user. This feature ensures a comfortable grip position for people of different heights, reducing strain on the arms and shoulders.

The seat is also padded to provide extra cushioning during long working hours. The height of the seat can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, ensuring maximum comfort while using the machine.

Furthermore, Husqvarna 501 comes with anti-vibration technology that reduces vibrations transmitted from engine and cutting attachments to reduce hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). These measures help prevent conditions like numbness, tingling sensation or pain in fingers/hands which could lead to serious health problems over time.

All these features combined make it easy for operators to work comfortably without feeling overwhelmed by any physical stressors related with operating heavy-duty machinery like brush cutters or trimmers.

In summary, ergonomics and comfort were given great priority during designing Husqvarna 501 Brushcutter so as to ensure operator safety & well-being while providing efficient results at work.

Off-Road Capability

The Husqvarna 501 is a dirt bike that was designed for off-road riding. It has several features that make it well-suited for tackling tough terrain and challenging trails.

One of the key features of the Husqvarna 501 is its high ground clearance. This allows the rider to navigate over rocks, logs, and other obstacles without getting hung up or stuck. The bike also has a long suspension travel, which helps absorb shocks and bumps when riding over uneven terrain.

Another important aspect of the 501’s off-road capability is its lightweight construction. Weighing in at just under 250 pounds, it is easy to maneuver through tight spaces and make quick turns on the trail. The bike’s slim profile also makes it easier to handle in tricky situations where balance and stability are crucial.

The Husqvarna 501 also comes equipped with knobby tires that provide excellent traction in muddy or loose soil conditions. These tires are specifically designed for off-road use and can help keep you from slipping or sliding on steep inclines or around sharp corners.

Finally, the engine on the Husqvarna 501 delivers plenty of power for conquering even the most challenging terrains. With a displacement of nearly 500ccs, this bike can climb steep hills with ease while still maintaining enough speed to traverse flat stretches quickly.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dirt bike that can handle any type of rough terrain – whether it be gravel roads, rocky trails or sandy dunes – then look no further than the Husqvarna 501!

On-Road Performance

When it comes to on-road performance, the Husqvarna 501 is a beast. It has a powerful engine that can easily handle highways and city streets alike. The bike’s suspension system is also top-notch, providing excellent stability and control on any type of road surface.

The bike’s lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver through traffic and navigate tight corners with ease. The brakes are highly responsive, allowing riders to come to a quick stop when needed.

Additionally, the Husqvarna 501 is equipped with advanced features such as traction control and electronic fuel injection (EFI). Traction control helps prevent wheel slip during acceleration or in slippery conditions like rain or snow. EFI ensures optimum fuel delivery at all times for smoother performance and better fuel efficiency.

Overall, if you’re looking for an off-road machine that performs equally well on the street, the Husqvarna 501 is definitely worth considering. Its combination of power, agility, and advanced technology make it one of the best dual-sport bikes available today.


In conclusion, the Husqvarna 501 is a powerful and reliable motorcycle that offers great performance on and off-road. With its lightweight design, impressive suspension system, and advanced engine technology, this bike is ideal for riders who are looking for a versatile machine that can handle any terrain.

The Husqvarna 501 is also built to last, with high-quality components and durable construction materials that ensure long-term reliability. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out in the world of motorcycles, this bike has something to offer.

Overall, we highly recommend the Husqvarna 501 as a top choice for anyone in search of a high-performance motorcycle that can handle all types of riding conditions.


If you’re considering purchasing a Husqvarna 501 motorcycle, there are several important factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s essential to choose the right size and configuration based on your individual needs and preferences.

For example, if you plan to do mostly off-road riding or participate in enduro competitions, then you may want to opt for the smaller displacement model (the FE 501). On the other hand, if you’re more interested in road riding or touring-style trips, then the larger displacement FC model may be a better fit.

Another key consideration when choosing a Husqvarna 501 is maintenance requirements. Like all motorcycles, regular upkeep is necessary to keep your ride running smoothly over time. It’s important to familiarize yourself with basic maintenance tasks such as oil changes and filter replacements so that you can take care of your bike properly.

Ultimately though – whether it’s on-road cruising or tackling challenging terrains – The Husqvarna 501 delivers exceptional power & control offering one helluva experience!

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