Introducing the 2022 Honda Goldwing: What to Expect

The Honda Goldwing is a legendary touring motorcycle that has been popular for decades. The 2022 model promises to be one of the most advanced and feature-packed Goldwings yet. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and advanced technology, the 2022 Honda Goldwing is sure to turn heads on the road.

One of the standout features of the 2022 Goldwing is its powerful engine. The bike will come equipped with a liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine that delivers impressive power and torque. This engine provides smooth acceleration and excellent performance at all speeds.

Another key feature of the 2022 Goldwing is its advanced technology. The bike will come equipped with a range of cutting-edge features designed to enhance rider comfort and safety. These include things like adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay integration, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite navigation system, full LED lighting system, heated grips & seat which make long rides more comfortable.

The design also plays an important role in making this motorcycle exceptional; it boasts a sleek profile with sharp lines that give it an aggressive look while still maintaining its classic styling cues. Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance for better fuel efficiency during long trips.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance touring motorcycle that offers top-of-the-line comfort and technology features – look no further than the Honda Goldwing 2022!

Overview of the Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing is a touring motorcycle that has been in production since 1975. It is known for its comfort, reliability, and advanced technology features. The latest model, the Honda Goldwing 2022, promises to continue this tradition while also offering modern upgrades.

The new Goldwing will come equipped with a six-cylinder engine that produces up to 125 horsepower and 104 lb-ft of torque. It will have a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission system that allows for smooth shifting and improved fuel efficiency. Additionally, it will feature electronic suspension adjustment and ride modes that enable riders to customize their riding experience based on road conditions or personal preference.

The Goldwing’s design has also undergone some updates in recent years. The bodywork has been streamlined for better aerodynamics, which not only improves performance but also reduces wind noise around the rider’s helmet. The seat height has been lowered by an inch to improve accessibility for shorter riders as well.

One of the most notable features of the Honda Goldwing is its audio system. The standard model comes with four speakers connected through Bluetooth or USB connection so you can enjoy your favorite tunes without needing earphones or worrying about cables getting tangled up during rides! There are also optional add-ons available like XM radio capabilities if you prefer listening to live broadcasts while on long trips.

In terms of safety features, the new Honda Goldwing offers multiple systems designed to keep both rider and passenger safe while riding down highways at high speeds. These include cruise control capability (which helps maintain a steady speed), collision warning sensors (to alert riders when potential impacts are detected), lane departure warnings (to notify drivers when they begin drifting out-of-lane), blind-spot warnings (to let drivers know when another vehicle may be approaching from behind) among others!

Overall, the Honda Goldwing has plenty to offer those looking for a comfortable and reliable touring motorcycle. With its modern technology features, powerful engine, and advanced safety systems, it is hard to find another bike that can match all of these qualities!

Changes in the 2022 model

The Honda Goldwing is a popular touring motorcycle that has been around for over four decades. The 2022 model brings some exciting changes to this classic bike.

  • Engine: The new Goldwing will feature a larger, more powerful engine than previous models. It will be a six-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 1,833cc.
  • Suspension: The suspension system on the Goldwing has also been updated for better handling and comfort. It now features Showa forks at the front and rear which are electronically adjustable. This allows riders to adjust their ride based on road conditions or personal preference.
  • Technology: Honda has added several new features to the Goldwing’s technology suite for 2022. These include Apple CarPlay integration, Android Auto compatibility, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.
  • Safety Features: Safety is always a top priority when it comes to motorcycles, and Honda has made sure to take that into account with the new Goldwing model. For example, it now offers adaptive cruise control as an option which helps maintain distance between vehicles on highways or other high-speed roads.
  • Ergonomics: Lastly, Honda has redesigned some aspects of the bike’s ergonomics for greater comfort during long rides. This includes making seat adjustments easier using electronic controls located on the handlebars while sitting still or moving at low speeds.

All in all, these changes make the new Honda Goldwing an even more attractive option for touring motorcycle enthusiasts looking for power combined with style and comfort!

Design and features

The Honda Goldwing 2022 is an iconic touring motorcycle that has been updated with new design and features. The bike boasts a sleeker look with a larger front fairing, giving it a more aerodynamic profile. It also comes in three new colors: Pearl Deep Mud Grey, Candy Ardent Red, and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic.

The bike’s engine has been upgraded to a liquid-cooled six-cylinder 1,833cc engine that delivers more power than its predecessor. The engine is paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for smooth shifting.

One of the most notable features of the Honda Goldwing 2022 is its advanced suspension system called the Showa Electronic Control Suspension (SECS). This system allows riders to adjust their suspension settings according to road conditions and riding preferences through an intuitive touchscreen interface located on the handlebar.

Another new feature of the Goldwing 2022 is Apple CarPlay integration which allows riders to access Siri voice control, music playlists, maps, and other apps right from their motorcycle dashboard display. Android Auto integration will also be available soon.

The bike also comes equipped with other useful amenities such as heated grips and seat for added comfort during cold weather rides. LED lighting enhances visibility while cornering lights provide additional illumination when turning corners at night.

Finally, safety features are abundant in this model including Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), cruise control, ABS brakes with linked braking system (LBS) which helps maintain balanced brake force distribution between front & rear wheels under different braking conditions resulting in better stopping power throughout all speed ranges – crucial for long-distance rides where sudden stops can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Engine and Performance Upgrades

The Honda Goldwing 2022 is a touring motorcycle that offers an exceptional riding experience. The bike has been designed to provide riders with comfort, convenience, and performance. One of the most significant upgrades in the engine department is the new liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine that delivers impressive power and torque.

The 1833cc flat-six motor produces 126 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 170 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm. With this powerful engine, riders can enjoy smooth acceleration, even when carrying heavy loads or riding on steep hills. Furthermore, the Goldwing’s throttle-by-wire system ensures precise control of the fuel injection for optimal performance.

Another significant upgrade in the Goldwing’s engine department is its updated exhaust system. The redesigned exhaust provides a deeper sound while reducing emissions significantly compared to previous models.

Additionally, Honda has equipped the Goldwing with some advanced features to improve its overall performance. These include:

  • DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) – This intelligent transmission system provides smooth gear changes without any interruption in power delivery.
  • Throttle Control – The ride-by-wire technology allows for precise throttle control by adjusting sensitivity based on different riding modes.
  • Hill Start Assist – This feature helps prevent rollback when starting off uphill by keeping brake pressure applied until throttle application.

Overall, these upgrades ensure that riders are guaranteed maximum enjoyment from their rides while still maintaining excellent fuel efficiency levels.

With these improvements made to its already outstanding reputation as one of the greatest touring bikes ever produced; it’s no wonder why many enthusiasts eagerly await their turn behind this machine’s handlebars!

Technology enhancements

The Honda Goldwing 2022 is equipped with several technological advancements that enhance the overall riding experience. These include:

Apple CarPlay integration:

Riders can now seamlessly connect their iPhone to the motorcycle’s infotainment system through Apple CarPlay integration. This allows riders to access their phone calls, messages, music, and other apps directly on the bike’s display screen.

Improved audio system:

Honda has upgraded the audio system in the Goldwing 2022 to provide superior sound quality while riding. The bike features a six-speaker audio system that delivers crisp and clear sound even at high speeds.

Electronic suspension adjustment:

The Goldwing 2022 comes with an electronic suspension adjustment feature that allows riders to adjust the suspension settings according to their preferences. This makes it easier for riders to achieve optimal comfort and handling regardless of road conditions.

Ride Modes:

Riders can choose from four different ride modes – Tour, Sport, Econ, and Rain – depending on their riding conditions. Each mode adjusts various aspects of the motorcycle’s performance such as throttle response, traction control sensitivity, and ABS settings.

Hill Start Assist:

This feature is especially useful when starting off on a hill or incline. The Hill Start Assist keeps the motorcycle stationary when stopped by applying brakes automatically until you release them again – making it much easier for riders who struggle with hill starts.

These are just a few examples of how technology enhancements have made Honda Goldwing 2022 one of the most advanced touring motorcycles available today – setting new benchmarks in terms of convenience and rider enjoyment alike.

Comfort and convenience features

The Honda Goldwing 2022 is equipped with a range of comfort and convenience features that make every ride an enjoyable experience. From heated seats to advanced audio systems, this motorcycle offers everything you need for a comfortable journey.

Firstly, the rider’s seat and passenger’s seat are both heated, providing warmth on cold days. The temperature of the seats can be easily adjusted through the handlebar controls according to your preference. Additionally, the grips on the handlebars are also heated, ensuring that your hands stay warm during chilly weather.

For added convenience, the Honda Goldwing 2022 has an electronically adjustable windscreen which can be raised or lowered at a touch of a button while riding. This allows you to customize it based on your height or desired level of protection from wind and rain.

Another notable feature is its advanced audio system which includes Bluetooth connectivity as well as Apple CarPlay integration. You can easily connect your smartphone to stream music or receive calls while riding without having to take out your phone from pocket or backpack.

Furthermore, there’s ample space for storage in this motorcycle too. It has two large saddlebags located at either side of rear wheel along with top-case behind backrest that offer enough room for storing all necessary belongings such as clothes , helmets , gloves etc., making it ideal for longer trips where carrying luggage is essential.

Other convenient features include keyless ignition system where you don’t have insert keys manually into ignition switch anymore; just push button start-up after turning ON/OFF switch once onboard . It also comes standard with cruise control allowing riders rest their right wrist when cruising along highways at consistent speeds .

In conclusion, Honda Goldwing 2022 delivers exceptional comfort and superior performance making it one of best touring motorcycles available today . With its innovative technology and design coupled with top-of-the-line comfort amenities like heated seats/grips/windshield plus powerful sound system, this motorcycle will make long distance rides effortless and enjoyable for both rider and passenger.

Pricing and Availability

The Honda Goldwing 2022 is one of the most anticipated motorcycles of the year. It’s a high-end touring motorcycle that comes with a host of new features, making it an exciting addition to Honda’s lineup.

One of the primary considerations when purchasing a motorcycle is its price. The Honda Goldwing 2022 has a starting price of $23,900 for its base model. However, prices may vary depending on factors such as location, taxes and other fees.

Buyers can also opt for more premium versions such as the Tour model which comes with additional features like Apple CarPlay integration and satellite navigation system at an added cost.

As far as availability goes, customers will be pleased to know that the Honda Goldwing 2022 will be available in dealerships across North America by early next year (2022). This means that anyone who wants to get their hands on this bike won’t have to wait very long!

It’s important to note that due to high demand, some dealerships may experience delays in receiving their stock allocation. Therefore if you’re interested in buying this motorcycle soon after release date or specifically wanting certain color options or accessories then it’s best advised to reserve your order ahead time through authorized dealer near you.

Overall, pricing for the Honda Goldwing 2022 is competitive considering its top-of-the-line specifications and features. And given how highly coveted this bike already is amongst enthusiasts worldwide; we expect supply might not meet demand initially so act fast!


In conclusion, the Honda Goldwing 2022 is a highly anticipated motorcycle that boasts numerous updates and enhancements. The bike’s improved engine performance, added features, and sleek design make it an attractive option for both long-distance touring and daily commuting.

One of the standout features of the 2022 Goldwing is its new automatic transmission system that offers smoother shifting and enhanced fuel efficiency. Additionally, the bike now comes equipped with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto integration. This allows riders to easily connect their smartphones to the bike’s display screen for navigation, music streaming, or hands-free calling.

The redesigned fairing on this year’s model provides improved wind protection while also giving it a more modern look. The bike also features LED lighting throughout which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also improves visibility on the road.

Honda has continued to prioritize rider safety with several safety features included in this year’s Goldwing model such as electronic cruise control with hill start assist, ABS brakes, and traction control. These advanced safety systems provide riders with peace of mind while out on long rides or navigating busy city streets.

Overall, due to its numerous improvements and updates from previous models along with its exceptional performance capabilities makes the Honda Goldwing 2022 one of the best touring bikes available in today’s market.

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