Introducing the Harley Davidson Low Rider S: A Sleek and Powerful Ride

Harley Davidson Low Rider S is a stylish and powerful motorcycle that has been designed to deliver an exceptional riding experience. This bike is known for its low-slung profile, aggressive styling, and superior performance. It features a powerful V-Twin engine that provides ample power for cruising down the highway or navigating through city streets.

One of the most notable features of the Harley Davidson Low Rider S is its handling capabilities. With a low center of gravity and responsive suspension system, this bike handles like a dream on winding roads and tight corners. The bike’s frame has been optimized for maximum agility, making it easy to maneuver in all types of conditions.

Another standout feature of the Low Rider S is its style. This motorcycle exudes classic Harley Davidson design cues with a modern twist. It combines sleek lines with bold accents to create an aggressive look that turns heads wherever it goes. The blacked-out finishes give this bike an edgy vibe while also serving as a canvas for customization options.

In terms of performance, the Harley Davidson Low Rider S does not disappoint. Its 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine delivers an impressive 119 ft-lb of torque at just 3000 RPMs. This means you’ll have plenty of power on tap when you need it most, whether you’re accelerating from a stoplight or passing slower traffic on the highway.

Overall, if you’re looking for a motorcycle that combines style with substance, then look no further than the Harley Davidson Low Rider S. With its agile handling, powerful engine, and head-turning looks, this bike is sure to provide endless hours of riding enjoyment for years to come.

Harley Davidson Low Rider S: Overview

The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is a high-performance cruiser motorcycle that was first introduced in 2016. It’s part of the Softail line-up, which features a range of models with classic designs and modern technology.

The Low Rider S is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, which delivers an impressive amount of power and torque. With its blacked-out finishes and aggressive styling, this bike definitely stands out from the crowd.

In terms of performance, the Low Rider S offers excellent handling and control thanks to its advanced suspension system. The front forks are inverted for improved stability, while the rear shocks are adjustable for different riding conditions.

This bike also features dual disc brakes at the front and a single disc brake at the rear for reliable stopping power. Additionally, it has ABS (anti-lock braking system) as standard to help prevent wheel lock-ups during emergency stops.

The cockpit of the Low Rider S is designed for comfort and convenience on long rides. The rider seat is low-slung to make it easier to reach the ground when stopped, while still providing adequate support during extended periods of sitting. The handlebars are positioned within easy reach to reduce fatigue on your arms and shoulders.

Other notable features include LED lighting throughout (including headlight, taillight, turn signals), keyless ignition system with proximity fob technology for added security measures as well as cruise control making this bike perfect both around town or longer distance journeys..

Design and Style of the Low Rider S

The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is a cruiser motorcycle that boasts an attractive design and style, making it one of the most sought-after motorcycles in its class. The bike has been designed to offer riders an excellent blend of performance, comfort, and luxury.

One of the most striking features of the Low Rider S is its low-slung design. This gives the bike a lean look that makes it easy to handle while also providing excellent stability at high speeds. The motorcycle’s low profile also helps improve aerodynamics, reducing drag and wind resistance.

In terms of styling, the Harley Davidson Low Rider S is a true work of art. It comes with bold graphics on its fuel tank along with LED lighting elements that add to its overall appeal. Additionally, the bike features blacked-out components such as exhaust pipes and engine casings which complement its dark color scheme.

Another notable feature in terms of style is its seat design. The saddle has been specially designed for optimal comfort during long rides; it provides adequate support for both rider and passenger alike.

Furthermore, this model comes equipped with premium suspension systems including front fork technology borrowed from racing motorcycles which provide superior handling capabilities even over rough terrain.

The instrument cluster on this motorcycle is made up primarily by analog gauges placed within easy reach for quick readings during riding conditions regardless if you’re sitting or standing position behind the handlebars atop what looks like a small mountain ridge cresting towards your destination ahead!

Finally, there are several customization options available for those who want to personalize their ride further. These include different paint schemes as well as various accessories such as panniers or luggage racks to help carry your gear when traveling long distances on two wheels!

Overall, whether you’re looking for excellent performance or just sheer beauty in form function offered by cruisers like these Harleys models- you won’t be disappointed by choosing one of the most popular models, the Low Rider S.

Engine and Performance of the Low Rider S

The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, which is an air-cooled V-Twin with a displacement of 1,868cc. The engine produces a maximum torque output of 155Nm at just 3,000rpm, making it an ideal cruiser for long rides on highways or country roads.

The six-speed transmission system that comes with the Low Rider S is designed to deliver smooth shifting and precise control over power delivery. The clutch has been upgraded from previous models to provide better feel and easier operation.

One of the most impressive features of the Low Rider S is its suspension system. The front suspension consists of Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) forks that are specially tuned for comfort and handling. The rear suspension uses an adjustable mono-shock setup that allows riders to fine-tune their ride based on their weight and riding style.

Braking performance on the Low Rider S comes from dual-disc brakes up front with four-piston calipers and a single disc brake at the rear with two-piston caliper. ABS technology also comes standard on this model, ensuring maximum safety in all conditions.

Overall, Harley Davidson’s engineers have done an outstanding job engineering this bike for both style and performance while keeping rider comfort in mind every step along the way. Whether you’re looking for something that can take you cross-country or simply want to cruise around town in style, the Low Rider S delivers top-notch performance without sacrificing anything when it comes to aesthetics or rider experience.

Features and Technology of the Low Rider S

The Harley Davidson Low Rider S is a cruiser motorcycle that comes with various features and technologies. Its design is inspired by 1970s chopper styling, featuring a blacked-out look that exudes power and aggression. Here are some of its key features:

  • Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Engine: The Low Rider S comes equipped with a powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine that delivers exceptional torque and acceleration. It has an output of around 119 ft-lb at just over 3,000 rpm.
  • Inverted Front Forks: This motorcycle’s inverted front forks provide better handling, especially during cornering or sudden braking situations. They also give the bike an aggressive look while improving overall ride quality.
  • Mono-Shock Rear Suspension: The mono-shock rear suspension system on the Low Rider S provides excellent shock absorption and helps to reduce vibrations for a smooth ride experience. It also improves stability when riding over uneven surfaces.
  • Dual Disc Brakes: The dual disc brakes on this motorcycle provide excellent stopping power when needed, giving riders more confidence in their ability to slow down quickly in emergency situations.
  • Brembo® Brakes:The Brembo brake system used in this motorbike increases safety while driving as it provides precisely controllable brake performance under all conditions


  • < strong > LED Lighting System: The LED lighting system used in this motorbike enhances visibility at night or bad weather conditions making it ideal for long road trips or commuting. Additionally, it requires less energy from the battery compared to traditional bulbs hence saving power consumption.

The Low Rider S also comes with various technology features that enhance safety, convenience and improve the overall riding experience. These include:

  • Keyless Ignition: This feature allows riders to start their motorcycle without using a physical key. Instead, they use a proximity fob that communicates with the bike’s electronic control module (ECM) to activate the ignition system.
  • Cruise Control: The cruise control on this motorcycle makes long-distance riding more comfortable by allowing riders to maintain a constant speed on highways or open roads.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS): The ABS system on this motorbike reduces the risk of skidding and improves overall braking performance in wet or slippery conditions.
  • < strong > Security System: The security system used in this motorbike serves as an anti-theft measure, ensuring maximum protection for your prized possession.

    < li >< strong > USB Charging Port: The USB charging port allows you to keep your mobile devices connected while enjoying extended rides making it ideal for adventure lovers.

In summary, Harley Davidson’s Low Rider S is a powerful cruiser motorcycle that combines classic styling with modern technology features. Its Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine provides outstanding power and acceleration while its inverted front forks,
mono-shock rear suspension systems increase stability making it suitable for all types of terrain. Additionally,the LED lighting system,brembo brakes,keyless ignition,cruise control functions enhances rider’s experience while ensuring safety and convenience during long road trips or daily commuting.

Riding Experience and Comfort of the Low Rider S

When it comes to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, riders expect a certain level of comfort and performance. The Low Rider S certainly delivers on both fronts. One of the standout features of this bike is its low-slung seat height, which allows for a more natural riding position that’s comfortable for extended periods.

The handlebars are also positioned at a comfortable angle, making it easy to reach and control them without straining your arms or shoulders. Additionally, the footpegs are set forward slightly to provide ample legroom while still keeping you in an optimal riding position.

Another aspect of the Low Rider S that enhances its rideability is its suspension system. The front fork features cartridge damping technology that helps absorb bumps in the road, while the rear shocks are adjustable so you can fine-tune your ride based on your preferences.

In terms of power and performance, the Low Rider S doesn’t disappoint either. It’s equipped with a 114-cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine that produces plenty of torque right off the bat. Plus, it has six gears to choose from so you can find just the right balance between speed and control.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with an excellent combination of comfort and performance, then look no further than the Low Rider S. Its sleek design combined with top-notch components make it one impressive machine on both city streets and long stretches of highway alike.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Low Rider S

After thorough testing and analysis, it’s safe to say that the Harley Davidson Low Rider S is an impressive motorcycle. It offers a perfect blend of power, style, and comfort that makes it suitable for both daily commutes and long-distance rides.

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine provides plenty of torque at low RPMs while delivering a smooth ride. The bike’s suspension system also plays a crucial role in ensuring rider comfort by absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces.

In terms of design, the Low Rider S stands out with its sleek profile, blacked-out finishes, and dual-disc front brakes. These features give the bike an aggressive look that matches its performance capabilities.

One area where this bike could be improved is fuel efficiency. With an average fuel economy of around 45 mpg, riders may find themselves refueling more often than they’d like during long rides.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful cruiser with excellent handling and eye-catching aesthetics – all without sacrificing too much in terms of comfort – then the Harley Davidson Low Rider S might just be worth considering.

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