Introducing the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a modern take on the classic Scout Bobber motorcycle. It was first introduced in 2020 and has quickly gained popularity among riders who appreciate its minimalist design and powerful performance.

At the heart of the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a liquid-cooled, 999cc V-twin engine that delivers an impressive 78 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a six-speed transmission that provides smooth shifting and precise control.

The bike’s chassis features a lightweight aluminum frame, which helps to keep the overall weight down to just under 550 pounds. The suspension system consists of front telescopic forks and rear dual shocks, providing a comfortable ride even over rough roads.

One of the standout features of the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is its styling. With blacked-out finishes throughout, this bike has a sleek and aggressive look that appeals to many riders. The solo seat sits low to the ground, giving riders a more connected feeling with the road.

Other notable features include ABS brakes for added safety, LED lighting for improved visibility, and keyless ignition for convenience. Overall, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty offers an exciting blend of classic style and modern performance that makes it one of today’s most popular motorcycles on the market.

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a stripped-down, minimalist motorcycle with classic styling and modern performance. It is powered by a 60-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V-twin engine that produces 78 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque.

The bike features blacked-out finishes, chopped fenders, and a two-tone leather solo seat. The overall aesthetic is sleek and aggressive, perfect for riders who want to make a statement on the road.

In terms of handling, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty has a low center of gravity and compact wheelbase that makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces. The suspension system includes cartridge forks up front and dual shocks in the rear for a smooth ride on any surface.

Other notable features include ABS brakes, USB charging port, keyless ignition, and cruise control. There are also numerous customization options available for those who want to personalize their ride even further.

Overall, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty offers an unparalleled combination of style and performance that makes it one of the most exciting motorcycles on the market today.

Design Features

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a highly customizable motorcycle with a timeless design that pays homage to the iconic bikes of the 1920s. Here are some of its notable design features:

Chopped Fenders

The Scout Bobber Sixty has chopped fenders that give it a sleek and aggressive look. The front fender hugs the tire closely, while the rear fender is short and stubby, exposing more of the back wheel.

Blacked-out Components

This bike features blacked-out components, including the engine, exhaust system, handlebars, mirrors, turn signals and gauge faces. This adds to its dark and menacing appearance while also making it easier for riders to customize their bikes with parts of their own choosing.

Solo Seat

The Scout Bobber Sixty comes with a low-profile solo seat that complements its minimalist style. The seat is designed for comfort over long distances but can be swapped out easily if you prefer something different.

Bold Tank Graphics

This bike’s tank graphics feature bold colors and graphics that reflect Indian Motorcycle’s heritage. The tank decal pays tribute to Chief Joseph of Nez Perce tribe who rode an Indian motorcycle in his youth.

Wire Wheels

Another notable design feature on this bike is its wire wheels wrapped in white wall tires which enhance both color combinations: Thunder Black or Titanium Metallic paint schemes.

Overall, these design elements combine to create a powerful statement piece on two wheels – one that will turn heads wherever you go!

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a liquid-cooled, 999cc V-twin engine that produces an impressive 78 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated to a smooth-shifting six-speed transmission.

One of the standout features of this engine is its lightweight design, which helps to create a nimble and agile ride. The bike weighs in at just 545 pounds, making it one of the lightest cruisers on the market.

To further enhance performance, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty comes standard with ABS brakes for added stopping power and control. Additionally, riders can choose from three different riding modes – Sport, Standard, and Rain – to customize their ride based on road conditions or personal preference.

But perhaps the most notable aspect of this bike’s performance is its exhaust note. The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty has a throaty rumble that turns heads wherever it goes. Riders can also opt for aftermarket exhaust pipes to further tweak their bike’s sound.

Overall, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty offers impressive power and agility in a stylish package that pays homage to classic bobbers while incorporating modern performance enhancements.

Handling and Suspension

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty boasts excellent handling capabilities due to its lightweight construction. Weighing only 549 pounds, this motorcycle is easy to maneuver through tight corners and city streets. The low center of gravity also ensures stable performance on the road.

The suspension system of the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty consists of telescopic forks at the front and dual shocks at the rear, which provide a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. The front suspension has a travel distance of 4.7 inches while the rear provides 3 inches of travel.

Additionally, the bike features a cartridge-type fork with 1.5-inch diameter tubes that deliver improved damping performance over rough surfaces compared to traditional telescopic forks commonly found in other motorcycles.

Riders can customize their riding experience by adjusting preload on both front and rear shocks for tailored comfort based on weight or desired stiffness level.

To further enhance handling capabilities, this motorcycle comes equipped with Pirelli MT60 RS tires specially designed for street use with an aggressive tread pattern that delivers exceptional grip under all weather conditions.

Overall, Indian Scout Bobber Sixty offers excellent handling abilities making it perfect for riders looking for a comfortable yet sporty ride on any terrain from city streets to open highways.

Comfort and Convenience

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient ride for its riders. The bike comes with a low 25-inch seat height, allowing riders of different heights to comfortably reach the ground. This feature makes the motorcycle more accessible and easy to handle for those who are new or returning to riding.

The Scout Bobber Sixty also features mid-mounted foot controls that offer a relaxed riding position, reducing fatigue during long rides. The controls are placed in such a way that they allow the rider’s feet to be closer together, resulting in less strain on their hips and knees.

To enhance comfort further, the bike has an adjustable suspension system that can be customized according to the rider’s preference. The rear shock absorbers have pre-load adjustment capabilities, making it easier for riders to tailor their ride experience based on terrain conditions.

Other convenience features include easy-to-reach handlebars that provide good grip while maneuvering through traffic or twisting roads. Additionally, there is ample storage space under the seat where riders can keep essential items like documents or small gear.

Overall, these features make the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty an excellent choice for riders seeking comfort and convenience on long journeys without compromising style or performance.

Pricing and Availability

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is priced at $8,999 in the United States. This price includes a two-year warranty, which covers parts and labor for any defects caused by manufacturing or assembly errors. The bike is available in three colors: Thunder Black, Sagebrush Smoke, and Titanium Metallic.

As of 2021, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is widely available from authorized dealerships across the country. Interested buyers can visit their local dealer or check online for availability.

In addition to the base price of $8,999, there are several optional accessories that riders may wish to purchase for added customization and performance enhancements. These include exhaust pipes, air intake kits, saddlebags, foot pegs and controls – among others.

Indian Motorcycle also offers financing options through its financial services division as well as various promotional deals throughout the year that may offer discounted rates on purchase finance agreements.

Overall, with its competitive pricing point and wide availability across the US market – along with strong support from both dealerships & factory repairs via warranties- it’s clear why so many riders have chosen this motorcycle as their go-to choice for cruising down city streets or hitting scenic backroads alike!


In conclusion, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is a highly desirable motorcycle for riders looking for a classic cruiser with modern technology. The powerful engine provides ample torque and acceleration, while the lightweight frame makes handling easy and comfortable.

The stripped-down design of the bike gives it an edgy look that is sure to turn heads on the road. The blacked-out components give it a sleek appearance and add to its overall appeal.

The retro styling of the bike pays homage to Indian’s heritage while incorporating modern features like ABS braking and electronic fuel injection. These additions make for a more enjoyable riding experience without sacrificing performance or style.

Overall, the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is an excellent choice for riders who want a reliable cruiser that performs as good as it looks. Its combination of classic style and modern technology make it stand out in its class and set it apart from other cruisers on the market. Anyone looking for an exceptional ride will not be disappointed with this impressive motorcycle offering from Indian.

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