Introducing the Shoei RF-1400: A High-Performance Motorcycle Helmet


The Shoei RF 1400 is a premium motorcycle helmet designed for riders who demand the best in protection, comfort, and style. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this helmet offers unparalleled performance on the road.

One of the most notable features of the Shoei RF 1400 is its Aerodynamic Shell Design. This design incorporates several key elements that work together to reduce wind noise and improve stability at high speeds. The shell itself is made from a proprietary blend of materials that provide both strength and flexibility, while strategically placed vents help to optimize airflow around the helmet.

Another important feature of the Shoei RF 1400 is its Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell construction. This unique construction method combines multiple layers of organic and synthetic fibers to create a shell that is lightweight yet extremely strong. The result is a helmet that provides superior impact absorption in case of an accident.

Inside the Shoei RF 1400, you’ll find a comfortable EPS foam liner that conforms to your head shape for a custom fit. This liner works in conjunction with an adjustable chin strap and removable cheek pads to provide excellent comfort over long periods of use.

In terms of safety features, the Shoei RF 1400 has been tested extensively to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards worldwide. It also includes several additional safety features such as Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) which allows emergency responders quick access in case an accident occurs.

Finally, when it comes to style options – there are plenty! The Shoei RF 1400 comes in many different colors and designs so you can choose one that fits your personal taste perfectly.

Overall, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet with exceptional performance capabilities – look no further than the Shoei RF 1400!

Overview of Shoei RF-1400

The Shoei RF-1400 is a full-face motorcycle helmet that has been designed for riders who value performance, comfort, and safety. This helmet is the successor to the widely popular RF-1200 model and comes with several upgrades, including a redesigned shell shape, improved ventilation system, and enhanced noise reduction features.

One of the standout features of the Shoei RF-1400 is its Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM+) shell construction. The AIM+ technology combines organic fibers and multi-composite materials to create a lightweight yet durable shell that provides excellent impact absorption in case of an accident. Additionally, this design allows for better aerodynamics while reducing wind noise at high speeds.

The ventilation system on the Shoei RF-1400 has also been improved from its predecessor. The helmet now comes with larger intake and exhaust vents that can be easily opened or closed while riding using gloves. This feature provides better airflow through the helmet resulting in increased comfort during long rides on hot days.

The shoei rf 1400 also has enhanced noise-reducing features compared to previous models. The helmet now includes a built-in chin curtain as well as ear pads that effectively reduce wind noise inside the helmet during rides at high speeds or in windy conditions.

In terms of interior design, the Shoei RF-1400 comes with premium quality materials such as Max-Dry System II liner which wicks away moisture quickly keeping you dry even during sweaty summer rides.. It’s very comfortable too thanks to removable cheek pads available in different sizes allowing users customize their fit perfectly.The liner material is anti-bacterial preventing growth of odor causing bacteria ensuring good hygiene . One unique feature worth mentioning here are emergency quick-release cheek pads designed for easier removal by paramedics after an accident occurs reducing risk injuries caused by improper removal

The Shoei RF-1400 is also equipped with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant shield that provides clear vision during rides in different weather conditions. The shield has been designed to fit perfectly onto the helmet without any gaps, thus preventing fogging even in extreme temperatures.

Overall, the Shoei RF-1400 is an excellent motorcycle helmet that offers superior protection and comfort for riders who demand high-performance features. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, this helmet has everything you need to ensure your safety on the road while providing ultimate riding experience.

Design and Construction

The Shoei RF-1400 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, making it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts. The helmet is constructed using an Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM+) shell, which combines fiberglass with organic fibers to create a lightweight yet durable structure. Additionally, the shell features multiple layers of impact-absorbing foam to provide superior protection against impacts.

The RF-1400 also comes equipped with several ventilation systems strategically placed throughout the helmet to keep riders cool during hot weather conditions. The helmet features adjustable vents on both the chin bar and forehead area, as well as exhaust ports at the rear of the helmet that help in expelling hot air from inside.

For added convenience and comfort, Shoei has included its Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.) in the RF-1400’s design. This system allows for easy removal of cheek pads in case of an emergency situation where medical personnel need quick access to a rider’s head or neck.

In terms of fitment, Shoei has designed this particular model with their Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell construction process which provides superior fit over other helmets on market. This ensures that riders are able to wear their RF-1400 comfortably without feeling any discomfort or pressure points on their head.

Overall, the Shoei RF-1400 is an impressive piece of engineering that sets a new standard for premium full-face helmets in terms of performance and comfort. Its advanced construction techniques combined with its sleek design make it one of a kind option for motorcyclists looking for maximum protection while riding.

Safety Features

The Shoei RF 1400 is a premium motorcycle helmet that offers a high level of protection to the rider. It comes with several safety features that make it one of the safest helmets in the market.

One of the key safety features of the Shoei RF 1400 is its shell construction. The helmet is made using an advanced multi-ply matrix AIM+ shell that utilizes materials such as fiberglass, organic fibers, and resin. This construction provides excellent impact resistance and helps disperse energy in case of a crash.

Another safety feature offered by this helmet is its EPS liner system. The liner system consists of two layers – an outer layer and an inner layer – that work together to absorb impact energy during a crash. The outer layer is designed to compress upon impact while the inner layer absorbs residual impact energy.

The Shoei RF 1400 also comes with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) for added safety during emergencies. This system allows medical personnel to safely remove the helmet from a rider’s head without causing further injury.

Additionally, this helmet has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, which not only improves comfort but also contributes greatly to safety. Its strong chinstrap keeps it securely on your head even at high speeds and prevents it from coming off unexpectedly during accidents or collisions.

Lastly, another noteworthy safety feature provided by this helmet are its cheek pads – they have been integrated into a quick-release mechanism which makes them easily removable so you can take them out if needed.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet packed with world-class safety features then look no further than the Shoei RF 1400!

Comfort and Fit

The Shoei RF-1400 is designed for riders who want a comfortable and snug helmet that will stay in place even during high-speed rides. The helmet comes with different shell sizes to ensure an optimal fit for every rider.

One of the key features of the Shoei RF-1400 is its multi-density EPS liner, which helps absorb impact forces in case of an accident. This liner is also designed to provide better ventilation throughout the helmet, ensuring maximum comfort on hot days or during extended rides.

Another factor contributing to the comfort of this helmet is its advanced ventilation system. The RF-1400 has six air intakes and six exhaust outlets, strategically placed to maximize airflow through the helmet. This results in improved heat dissipation and keeps your head cool during long rides.

In terms of fit, Shoei has incorporated multiple ergonomic features into the design of this helmet. These include a 3D Max-Dry interior system that conforms to your head shape over time while wicking away moisture from sweat or rain.

Additionally, a QR-E Base Plate System allows for quick removal and installation of shields without having to use any tools – making adjustments on-the-go easy!

Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable yet secure fitting motorcycle helmet that can provide excellent protection at high speeds – then look no further than the Shoei RF-1400!

Ventilation System

The Shoei RF-1400 comes equipped with an advanced ventilation system that ensures a comfortable riding experience even in the hottest of weather conditions. The helmet features six air intakes and six exhaust outlets strategically placed throughout its shell to facilitate maximum airflow.

The top air intake is adjustable, allowing riders to control the amount of air entering through the top of the helmet. Additionally, two forehead vents and chin vents work together to channel fresh air directly onto the rider’s face while simultaneously expelling hot, humid air from inside.

In addition to providing excellent ventilation, this system also helps reduce wind noise and buffeting at higher speeds. The combination of these features creates a quiet and stable environment within the helmet for riders to focus on their ride.

Another added benefit of this ventilation system is its ease-of-use. All vents are easily accessible even when wearing gloves, thanks to intuitive controls located on either side of the chin bar for quick adjustments on-the-go.

Overall, Shoei’s innovative ventilation design provides optimal comfort during long rides while reducing fatigue caused by excessive heat or stuffiness inside a traditional motorcycle helmet.

Shield System

One of the standout features of the Shoei RF-1400 is its advanced shield system. The helmet comes with a clear Pinlock EVO fog-resistant insert that sits between two layers of shields, providing superior anti-fogging technology. Additionally, the CWR-F shield system provides an enhanced field of vision and comes equipped with innovative QR-E base plates for quick and tool-free removal.

The RF-1400 also features an all-new micro ratchet chin strap buckle for secure closure and easy release. This design allows for simple adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit while riding.

Furthermore, the shield system includes multiple optional tinted visors that can be easily swapped out depending on lighting conditions or personal preference. These visors include dark smoke, light smoke, high-def yellow, and Spectra Silver options.

Overall, the Shield System on the Shoei RF-1400 offers riders unparalleled comfort and convenience in addition to top-of-the-line safety features.


In conclusion, the Shoei RF-1400 is an exceptional helmet that offers superior protection, comfort, and style. The aerodynamic design of this helmet allows for excellent stability and reduced wind noise, making it perfect for long rides on the highway. Its advanced ventilation system ensures optimal airflow to keep your head cool in hot weather conditions.

The RF-1400 features a lightweight shell made from multiple layers of composite material that provides superior impact absorption while maintaining a low weight. The emergency quick-release cheek pads make it easy to remove the helmet in case of an accident, which is essential for safety.

Additionally, its pin-lock visor system ensures clear vision by preventing fogging during cold weather or rainy riding conditions. This feature enhances visibility and makes riding more comfortable throughout different seasons.

The design of the Shoei RF-1400 also focuses on providing maximum comfort to riders by incorporating removable interior padding that can be washed easily when needed. Additionally, its optimal fitment technology helps create a secure yet comfortable fit every time you wear it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality motorcycle helmet with advanced features designed specifically for performance-oriented riders who demand nothing but excellence from their gear – then look no further than the Shoei RF-1400!

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