Snake Eyes Motorcycle

Introduction to the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

The Snake Eyes Motorcycle is a custom-built chopper that boasts a unique design and powerful performance. This motorcycle was created by the renowned custom bike builder, Jesse James, who is known for his exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

One of the most striking features of this motorcycle is its elongated frame, which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance. The frame is made from high-quality steel tubing that has been expertly welded together to create a sturdy structure that can withstand rough terrain.

The Snake Eyes also features an impressive engine that delivers outstanding horsepower and torque. At its heart lies an S&S V-twin engine with a displacement of 113 cubic inches (or 1,852 cc). This massive engine produces up to 115 horsepower at 5,500 RPMs, making it one of the most powerful engines in its class.

Another notable feature of this motorcycle is its suspension system. It employs an unconventional setup with two front forks instead of one. One fork handles compression while the other handles rebound damping resulting in better stability during cornering or rough roads.

In terms of aesthetics, the Snake Eyes boasts several unique elements such as chrome-plated exhaust pipes running along both sides under saddlebags which have snake-like eyes on them hence giving it’s name “Snake Eye”. The paintwork comprising dark colors mixed with vibrant patterns further adds depth to its appearance making it look more aggressive but still refined.

Overall, the Snake Eyes Motorcycle offers riders a thrilling experience with its stunning design and unparalleled performance capabilities. It remains one of Jesse James’ most iconic creations and continues to be sought after by collectors all over the world.

Design and Features of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

The Snake Eyes Motorcycle is a custom-built bike that boasts an impressive array of features, designed with both style and functionality in mind. The bike’s sleek, low-slung profile makes it stand out from the crowd, while its powerful engine and advanced suspension system make it a joy to ride.

One of the most striking features of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle is its unique design. The bike’s bodywork is made from lightweight carbon fiber, which not only gives it a futuristic look but also helps to reduce weight and improve performance. The bike’s frame is also specially designed for maximum rigidity and strength, allowing it to handle even the most challenging roads with ease.

Another key feature of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle is its advanced suspension system. The bike comes equipped with high-performance shocks that are fully adjustable, enabling riders to fine-tune their ride for maximum comfort or performance as needed. Additionally, the bike’s front fork incorporates inverted technology for better handling and stability at high speeds.

Underneath its sleek exterior lies an equally impressive powertrain. The Snake Eyes Motorcycle comes equipped with a potent V-twin engine that delivers plenty of grunt for quick acceleration and smooth cruising on long rides. Riders can choose between different engine configurations depending on their needs – whether they’re looking for raw power or more refined performance.

Other notable features include LED lighting throughout (including headlights, taillights, turn signals), digital instrumentation displays vital data such as speedometer readings alongside fuel levels ensuring you always know what’s going on beneath your feet.

Overall, there are few bikes out there that can match the combination of style and substance offered by the Snake Eyes Motorcycle. Whether you’re looking for a cool new way to get around town or just want something special to take on long road trips across country – this machine has got everything you need!

Engine and Power of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

The Snake Eyes motorcycle is a powerful beast, built for speed and performance. At the heart of this machine lies a massive V-twin engine, capable of delivering an impressive amount of raw power to the rear wheel.

Specifically, the Snake Eyes features a 124-cubic inch S&S Super Sidewinder engine. This powerhouse produces upwards of 125 horsepower and roughly 135 lb-ft of torque – more than enough to propel this bike down the road at breakneck speeds.

To handle all that power, builders have equipped the Snake Eyes with a high-performance transmission system. Specifically, it utilizes a six-speed Baker Right Side Drive transmission setup that allows for smooth shifting and precise control over acceleration.

All in all, these components combine to create one seriously potent package. Whether you’re looking to tear up straightaways or carve through winding back roads, the Snake Eyes has everything you need to do so in style.

Suspension and Handling of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

The Snake Eyes Motorcycle is not just a bike with impressive looks but also has excellent suspension and handling features. The front suspension system of the bike comes equipped with a 43mm inverted fork that provides superior damping and stability while riding on rough terrains. This high-end fork technology ensures smooth handling even in unfavourable road conditions.

On the other hand, the rear suspension system of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle consists of an adjustable single shock absorber which can be adjusted according to individual rider preferences. It uses a link-type design that delivers better cornering performance, improved traction, and overall control over different terrains.

Apart from its suspensions, this motorcycle is designed for optimal handling thanks to its low center of gravity which contributes significantly to stability when taking corners at high speeds or maneuvering through heavy traffic. The bike’s narrow profile adds to its agility by allowing riders greater freedom in movement enabling them to navigate through tight spaces effortlessly.

In addition to these features, users can also adjust both handlebars and footpegs as per their comfort level making it possible for people of all sizes to ride comfortably on this motorcycle without feeling cramped or uncomfortable during long rides.

Overall, if you’re looking for a superbike that excels in both style & performance then look no further than the Snake Eyes Motorcycle – With its incredible combination of top-notch suspensions & exceptional handling capabilities – it’s guaranteed not just impress you but would leave you wanting more!

Riding Experience on the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

Riding the Snake Eyes motorcycle is an experience unlike any other. This bike is built for speed and agility, with a sleek design that demands attention on the road. The low-slung seat puts you in a position to feel every curve of the road, while the powerful engine roars beneath you.

The handling on this motorcycle is exceptional, with quick response times and effortless maneuverability. The ergonomic design of the handlebars makes it easy to control and steer even at high speeds. Additionally, the suspension system ensures a smooth ride even over rough terrain.

One thing that really sets this bike apart from others is its braking system. With advanced disc brakes installed both in front and back, stopping power is immediate and precise. This not only adds to rider safety but also enhances performance when taking sharp turns or navigating congested traffic areas.

The overall riding experience on a Snake Eyes motorcycle can be described as thrilling yet comfortable. Resembling more of a sports bike than a cruiser model, riders can expect exhilaration while still maintaining stability – especially during high-speed maneuvers or long-distance trips.

In summary, if you’re looking for an unparalleled riding experience that combines speed with comfort – look no further than the snake eyes motorcycle!

Maintenance and Upkeep of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

The Snake Eyes Motorcycle is a high-performance machine that requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Proper upkeep of your motorcycle can extend its lifespan, improve its performance, and save you money in the long run. Here are some essential tips for maintaining and keeping your Snake Eyes Motorcycle in top shape:

Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are vital to keep the engine running properly. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles is recommended, but check with your owner’s manual for specific guidelines. Always use high-quality synthetic oils to ensure optimum performance.

Tire Maintenance

Your tires play a crucial role in ensuring safety and optimal handling on the road. Check tire pressure regularly using a quality gauge, especially before hitting the road after being parked for an extended period or when planning long trips.

Check tread depth frequently as worn-out tires may reduce grip under wet conditions or while taking sharp corners.

Battery Care

A dead battery can be frustrating but also dangerous if it happens during rides. Ensure that you maintain proper battery care by charging it regularly using appropriate chargers following manufacturer instructions carefully.

Check connections frequently since loose terminals tend to cause electrical problems such as lights flickering or even stalling engines while riding at high speeds.

Clean Air Filters Frequently

A clean air filter increases fuel efficiency by allowing more air into combustion chambers thus reducing fuel consumption levels.


Dirt clogged filters may lead to reduced power output which impacts overall bike performance negatively; therefore changing them regularly will help maintain maximum engine performance levels over time!

In summary,

  • Regular oil changes are vital to keep the engine running properly.
  • Tire maintenance is essential for safety and optimal handling on the road.
  • Battery care is critical to avoid electrical problems that may cause stalling engines while riding at high speeds.
  • Cleaning air filters frequently can improve fuel efficiency and maintain maximum engine performance levels over time
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Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Snake Eyes Motorcycle

In conclusion, the Snake Eyes Motorcycle is a top-of-the-line custom bike that boasts impressive power, performance, and style. It’s clear that a lot of thought and care went into every detail of this bike, from its sleek design to its advanced features.

One of the standout features of the Snake Eyes Motorcycle is undoubtedly its powerful engine. With a 124 cubic inch S&S V-twin engine, this bike delivers an exhilarating ride with plenty of torque and acceleration. Its six-speed transmission adds even more versatility to its already impressive power.

The attention to detail in the design of this motorcycle is also worth noting. The snake-inspired graphics are eye-catching without being overly flashy, giving it an understated coolness that’s hard to ignore. The blacked-out hardware only adds to its aggressive appearance.

But beyond just looking good, the Snake Eyes Motorcycle is also packed with high-tech features that make it both safe and fun to ride. For example, it comes equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) as well as a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance motorcycle that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go, look no further than the Snake Eyes Motorcycle. Whether you’re cruising down open highways or carving through tight curves on winding roads, this bike delivers an unforgettable riding experience that will leave you wanting more.

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