Suzuki DR 650: Specs at a Glance

The Suzuki DR 650 is a versatile, off-road motorcycle that has been around for over two decades. It first hit the market in 1990 and has since undergone several upgrades to improve its performance and features. The bike’s popularity is largely due to its exceptional capabilities on rough terrains, making it a favorite among adventure riders.

The Suzuki DR 650 is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a displacement of 644cc. The engine produces an impressive amount of power, which allows the bike to tackle steep inclines and rough terrain without sacrificing speed or control. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with electric start as well as backup kick-start for added convenience.

One of the most notable features of this motorcycle is its suspension system. The front suspension consists of telescopic forks while the rear utilizes a single shock absorber. Both are adjustable allowing riders to customize their ride according to their preferences – whether they’re tackling rocky trails or cruising through city streets.

In terms of dimensions, the Suzuki DR 650 measures at approximately 88 inches in length and weighs around 366 pounds (166 kg). Its wheelbase measures at roughly 58 inches while ground clearance stands at just over ten inches – making it ideal for off-road riding.

As far as fuel efficiency goes, you can expect an average mileage range per gallon between forty-five to fifty miles depending on your riding habits and terrain conditions.

Overall, if you’re looking for an adventure-ready motorcycle that offers reliability and versatility both on- and off-road then look no further than the Suzuki DR650! With its powerful engine, adjustable suspensions system, robust construction materials – this bike was built to handle any obstacle thrown your way!

Overall Design and Features

The Suzuki DR 650 is a dual-sport bike that features an aggressive design with a prominent fuel tank, wide handlebars, and long suspension travel. The bike has a seat height of 885 mm, which makes it suitable for riders of different heights.

One of the key features of the DR 650 is its reliable engine. The bike is powered by a 644 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power output of 46 horsepower and torque of 52 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The engine comes equipped with an electric starter as well as kick-starting option for convenience.

The DR650 also boasts impressive suspension components. It has telescopic forks at the front that offer a smooth ride over rough terrain while the rear shock absorber provides excellent damping ability over bumps on uneven roads or off-road trails.

In terms of braking performance, this motorcycle offers strong stopping power thanks to its disc brakes on both wheels. Additionally, it also comes equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) technology for added safety when riding in wet or slippery conditions.

Other notable features include LED lights that provide bright illumination for night-time riding, adjustable footpegs to suit individual rider preferences and needs as well as luggage racks to carry essentials during extended trips or adventure rides.

Overall, the Suzuki DR 650 is an ideal dual-sport motorcycle for those who seek versatility in their ride. With its robust construction quality combined with advanced technology features such as ABS brakes system among others ensure you get an exceptional experience whether you are cruising through city streets or exploring off-road terrains!

Engine and Performance

The Suzuki DR 650 is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine with a displacement of 644cc. The engine is capable of producing a maximum power output of 46 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and a peak torque of 52 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It features electronic ignition and an electric starter for easy start-up.

The bike comes equipped with a Mikuni BST40 carburetor that provides efficient fuel delivery to the engine. The carburetor has been tuned for optimal performance in all kinds of riding conditions. The bike also features Suzuki’s Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system that enhances throttle response and improves fuel efficiency.

The DR 650 comes with a five-speed transmission system that allows smooth shifting between gears. It also has a chain drive system that ensures efficient power transfer from the engine to the rear wheel.

To ensure superior stopping power, the DR 650 features front and rear disc brakes. The front brake has a diameter of 290mm while the rear brake has a diameter of 240mm. Both brakes are hydraulically operated for precise control over braking force.

The bike rides on inverted telescopic forks at the front and link-type suspension at the back. This setup offers excellent handling characteristics both on-road as well as off-road. The suspension travel on both ends is adjustable according to rider preference or terrain conditions.

In terms of speed capabilities, the Suzuki DR650 can achieve speeds up to around approximately – depending on variables such as road surface quality -140 km/h top speed before reaching its limit due to gearing rather than outright power limitations..

Suspension and Brakes

The Suzuki DR650 is equipped with a conventional telescopic fork suspension system in the front that has a travel of 260mm. The rear suspension features a link-type shock absorber with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping, providing 260mm of wheel travel.

The braking system on the DR650 consists of a single hydraulic disc brake at the front, which measures 290mm in diameter and is clamped by a dual-piston caliper. At the rear, there is a single hydraulic disc brake measuring 240mm in diameter with a single-piston caliper.

Both brakes feature an advanced anti-lock braking system (ABS), which provides enhanced safety when braking hard or on slippery surfaces. The ABS unit continuously monitors wheel speed to prevent lockup during sudden stops, thereby ensuring maximum stability and control for riders.

With this robust suspension setup combined with efficient brakes and advanced ABS technology, the Suzuki DR650 offers excellent handling characteristics both on- and off-road. It can handle rough terrain effectively while also providing smooth performance on paved roads, making it an ideal adventure bike for riders who seek versatility above all else.

Dimensions and Weight

The Suzuki DR 650 is a dual-sport motorcycle that has been designed to offer great performance both on and off-road. The bike comes with a sturdy build quality, which makes it perfect for adventure riding. Let’s take a closer look at the dimensions and weight of this machine.

The overall length of the Suzuki DR 650 measures in at 88 inches (2235 mm), while its width is around 34 inches (865 mm). The height of the bike from the ground up to its seat stands at approximately 47 inches (1195 mm) making it one of the tallest bikes in its class.

The wheelbase of this dual-sport motorcycle is about 58 inches (1470 mm). This long wheelbase works well for stability when riding on uneven terrain, ensuring the rider remains confident even when conditions become challenging.

In terms of weight, the Suzuki DR 650 weighs around 366 pounds (166 kg) without any fuel or oil in it. With a full tank, its total weight could go up to about 400 pounds (181 kg).

Despite being heavier than some other models in its class, riders appreciate how smoothly and confidently they can ride their Suzkui DR-650 motorcycles both on- and off-road due to good balance provided by these dimensions.

Fuel System and Range

The Suzuki DR 650 is equipped with a reliable fuel system that ensures excellent performance on the road. The bike has a carbureted fuel system, which allows for smooth acceleration and easy starting in all weather conditions. The carburetor is a Mikuni BST40, which provides precise fuel delivery to the engine.

The DR 650 has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 13 liters (3.4 gallons). This gives the bike an impressive range of around 250 miles on a full tank, depending on riding style and terrain. The fuel gauge is located on the instrument panel, allowing riders to easily monitor their remaining fuel levels.

To ensure maximum efficiency and performance from its fuel system, Suzuki recommends using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 RON (Research Octane Number). Riders should also avoid using ethanol-blended fuels as they can cause damage to certain components in the system.

Overall, the Suzuki DR 650’s fuel system and range make it an ideal choice for long-distance touring or off-road adventures where refueling opportunities may be limited.

Transmission and Clutch

The Suzuki DR 650 features a five-speed manual transmission system that is designed to provide smooth gear changes while riding. The gearbox is specially engineered for off-road conditions, making it easy to maneuver through challenging terrains.

In addition, the clutch on this bike is known for its reliability and durability. It has a wet multi-plate design that helps prevent slippage and ensures maximum power transfer from the engine to the wheels. The clutch lever on this bike also has a light feel, which makes it easier for riders to operate.

For those who want more control over their riding experience, Suzuki offers an optional kit that allows riders to convert their DR 650 into a six-speed transmission system. This kit includes an additional gear ratio in between second and third gears, providing better acceleration when needed.

Overall, the transmission and clutch systems on the Suzuki DR 650 are designed with performance in mind. They offer smooth shifting capabilities and reliable power transfer under even the toughest of conditions.

Electrical System and Lighting

The Suzuki DR 650 is equipped with a reliable electrical system that includes a maintenance-free battery, an alternator, and a starter motor. The battery has a capacity of 12 volts and 10 amp-hours (AH), which provides enough power to start the engine and run the electronics.

The alternator is driven by the engine’s crankshaft and produces up to 14 volts at around 4000 rpm. This voltage is regulated by the bike’s electronic control module (ECM) to prevent overcharging or undercharging of the battery. The ECM also controls other aspects of the bike’s electrical system, including ignition timing, fuel injection, and emissions.

As for lighting, Suzuki DR 650 comes equipped with halogen headlights that emit bright white light for improved visibility during night rides. The headlight unit also features high-beam and low-beam settings that can be easily switched using a handlebar-mounted button.

In addition to headlights, the bike also has turn signal lights on both front and rear sides. These lights use standard incandescent bulbs that are easy to replace when needed.

Furthermore, Suzuki DR650 comes fitted out with LED brake lights integrated into its rear tail lamp cluster for enhanced safety on roads during sudden braking situations.

Overall, while perhaps not as flashy as some modern bikes’ electrical systems may seem today – thanks mainly due reliance upon sensors rather than manual switches controlling everything from gear shifting down through diagnostic software monitoring anything going wrong – but there’s something comforting about knowing you’ve got rock solid reliability no matter where your travels take you next!

Tires and Wheels

The Suzuki DR 650 comes equipped with a set of reliable wheels and tires that are designed to handle the rugged terrain. The front tire is a 90/90-21, while the rear tire is a 120/90-17. These sizes provide an optimal balance between stability and agility, making it easy for riders to navigate through rough terrains.

The wheels themselves are made from high-quality materials that can withstand tough conditions on challenging trails. The front wheel is made from lightweight aluminum alloy, which reduces weight and enhances maneuverability. On the other hand, the rear wheel is constructed using durable steel material for strength and durability.

One notable feature of the Suzuki DR 650’s tires and wheels is its spoke design. This bike comes with spoked rims that enhance handling while providing excellent traction on uneven surfaces like dirt or gravel roads.

Another crucial aspect worth mentioning about this bike’s tires/wheels combo is how they help riders maintain control during braking situations. Both tires come fitted with disc brakes that work together to ensure smooth stopping power without compromising stability.

Overall, Suzuki has done an excellent job in selecting reliable wheels/tires for their DR 650 model that can handle tough terrains with ease.

Price and Availability

The Suzuki DR 650 is a popular dual-sport motorcycle that offers riders the versatility to tackle both on-road and off-road terrain. The price of this bike varies depending on several factors, such as model year, condition, location, and modifications.

On average, a new Suzuki DR 650 has an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of around $6,699. However, prices can range from $5,000 for an older or used model to over $8,000 for a newer model with added features.

Availability of the Suzuki DR 650 also varies depending on your location. In general, it is more widely available in North America compared to other parts of the world. You can purchase this bike from authorized dealerships or private sellers.

For those who are interested in buying a used Suzki DR 650 online should be aware of scams since there are many unscrupulous sellers out there looking to take advantage unsuspecting buyers by selling stolen bikes or ones with fake documents.

Before making any purchase decision about the Suzuki DR 650 make sure you have done enough research about its specs and read reviews so that you get your money’s worth.


After reviewing the specifications of the Suzuki DR 650, it is clear that this motorcycle offers a great balance between off-road capability and on-road comfort.

The powerful 644cc engine provides plenty of torque and horsepower for tackling tough terrain, while the comfortable seat and suspension system make long rides on pavement more enjoyable. Additionally, the bike’s lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

One drawback of the DR 650 is its lack of modern technology features such as ABS brakes or traction control. However, this may not be a significant issue for riders who prioritize simplicity and reliability over high-tech gadgets.

Overall, if you’re looking for a versatile dual-sport motorcycle that can handle both rough trails and smooth roads with equal ease, the Suzuki DR 650 is an excellent choice. Its combination of power, comfort, and agility make it one of the most popular bikes in its class.

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