The Honda Fury: A Bold and Stylish Cruiser


The Honda Fury is a chopper-style motorcycle that was first introduced in 2009. It quickly gained popularity among riders who were looking for a unique and stylish bike that also offered great performance.

One of the most distinctive features of the Honda Fury is its long, low profile. The bike sits lower to the ground than most other motorcycles, giving it a sleek and streamlined appearance. This design also makes it easier to handle at lower speeds, which can be helpful for riders who are new to choppers or those who live in urban areas with heavy traffic.

In addition to its sleek design, the Honda Fury also boasts impressive performance capabilities. It is powered by a liquid-cooled V-twin engine that delivers plenty of power and torque for fast acceleration and smooth riding. Its five-speed transmission allows riders to easily shift between gears, providing maximum control on both city streets and open highways.

Another feature that sets the Honda Fury apart from other motorcycles is its unique rear suspension system. Instead of using traditional shock absorbers, this bike uses an advanced mono-shock design that provides superior handling and comfort while still maintaining its aggressive look.

Overall, the Honda Fury offers an excellent combination of style, performance, and comfort. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating through city streets, this bike will turn heads wherever you go.

Overview of Honda Fury

The Honda Fury is a chopper-style motorcycle that was first introduced in 2009. It is part of Honda’s cruiser lineup and has become popular among riders who want a combination of classic styling and modern technology.

The bike features a long, low-slung design with a stretched-out wheelbase and raked-out front end. The seat sits just 26.7 inches off the ground, making it easy for shorter riders to handle. The fuel tank holds 3.4 gallons and has an integrated speedometer and digital LCD display.

The engine powering the Fury is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin with a displacement of 1,312cc. It produces an impressive amount of torque at low RPMs, giving riders plenty of power for cruising down the highway or navigating city streets. A five-speed transmission provides smooth shifting while on the move.

Suspension on the Fury consists of a single shock absorber mounted beneath the seat and traditional telescopic forks up front. This setup provides both comfort and stability while riding over uneven terrain or through corners.

Stopping power comes from dual-disc brakes up front and a single disc brake in the rear. All three are controlled by ABS (anti-lock braking system) for added safety on slick roads or during sudden stops.

Other notable features include LED lighting throughout for better visibility, optional hard saddlebags for storage, and various customization options through Honda’s Genuine Accessories program.

Design and Styling

The Honda Fury is a distinctive cruiser with a chopper-style design that features clean, fluid lines. Its low-slung profile is achieved thanks to the raked-out front end and long wheelbase. The bike’s overall look is modern, sleek, and aggressive.

One of the most noticeable design features of the Fury is its wide rear tire – measuring 200mm across – which gives it an imposing presence on the road. It also has a teardrop-shaped fuel tank that sits low against the frame for better weight distribution, while its slim seat provides a comfortable riding position for both rider and passenger.

The bike’s styling continues with blacked-out components such as engine cases, exhaust pipes, fork legs, wheels and more which give it an edgy character. The instrument cluster comprises of digital speedometer and trip odometer along with LED indicators which adds to its modern feel.

A range of optional accessories are available to customize your Honda Fury further according to your taste including detachable windscreen ,leather saddlebags or even backrests for added comfort on long rides .

Engine and Performance

The Honda Fury is powered by a liquid-cooled, 1312cc V-twin engine that produces impressive power and torque. The engine has a bore of 89.5mm and stroke of 104.3mm, resulting in a compression ratio of 9.2:1.

One of the standout features of this engine is its Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system, which delivers fuel precisely to each cylinder for optimal combustion efficiency. This results in better throttle response, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

The power output of the Honda Fury’s engine is complemented by an efficient five-speed transmission with wide gear ratios that allow for smooth acceleration at any speed. Additionally, the shaft final drive ensures reliable performance over long distances with minimal maintenance required.

The suspension system on the Honda Fury also contributes to its excellent ride quality and handling characteristics. The bike features a sophisticated front fork design with large-diameter tubes that deliver precise steering feedback while absorbing bumps in the road.

At the rear end, it has an adjustable monoshock suspension that can be tuned to suit different rider preferences and riding conditions for maximum comfort on all surfaces.

Overall, the Honda Fury provides an exhilarating riding experience thanks to its powerful yet efficient V-twin engine, advanced fuel injection system, responsive transmission, reliable shaft drive mechanism,and well-balanced suspension setup that delivers exceptional ride quality across all terrains.

Riding Experience

When it comes to the riding experience, the Honda Fury is nothing short of impressive. This machine is designed with a low seat height and forward-mounted footpegs, which give riders an aggressive and comfortable riding position. The handlebars are also positioned in a way that promotes better control and handling.

One of the standout features of this bike is its engine performance. The 1312cc V-twin engine delivers ample power for cruising on highways or tackling winding roads. It produces 56 horsepower at 4,250 RPM and 78 pound-feet of torque at just 3,500 RPM.

The Honda Fury’s suspension system consists of a stout fork up front that has been raked out to achieve that chopper-style look while providing good stability when cornering. At the back end, there’s a single shock absorber with adjustable preload settings that can be customized based on rider preference or load requirements.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this motorcycle is its braking system. It comes equipped with a single disc brake upfront and back for optimal stopping power when you need it most.

The fuel efficiency rating for this cruiser is around 45 miles per gallon (MPG), making it great for long hauls or weekend trips without worrying about running out of gas before reaching your destination.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique-looking motorcycle with excellent performance capabilities and comfortability, then the Honda Fury might just be what you need in your garage!

Features and Accessories

The Honda Fury is a high-performance motorcycle that boasts several impressive features and accessories. Here are some of the key features that make this bike stand out from the competition:

Powerful Engine

At the heart of the Honda Fury is its powerful engine, which is a liquid-cooled 1312cc V-twin unit. This engine delivers an impressive amount of power – 57 horsepower at 4,250 rpm and 78 lb-ft of torque at just 3,500 rpm. The fuel-injected engine also provides excellent fuel efficiency.

Sleek Design

One of the most striking things about the Honda Fury is its sleek and stylish design. The bike has a long and low profile, with swept-back handlebars and a chopper-style front end. The flowing lines give it an aggressive look that turns heads wherever it goes.

Comfortable Ride

Despite its sporty looks, the Honda Fury offers a comfortable ride thanks to its well-designed suspension system. It has a single shock at the rear and telescopic forks up front, which absorb bumps in the road for a smooth ride.

Advanced Technology

The Honda Fury also comes equipped with advanced technology features such as an LCD instrument panel that displays all relevant information including speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock display etc.

In addition to these standard features, there are numerous accessories available for customizing your Honda Fury to your specific preferences:


Saddlebags provide extra storage space for long trips or commuting purposes


A fairing provides protection from wind while riding on highways or at high speeds

Tank Bag:

Tank bags can be attached on top of gas tank providing additional storage space within easy reach.

Backrest and Passenger Seat:

Backrests and passenger seats provide additional support for long rides with a pillion passenger.

In conclusion, the Honda Fury is an impressive motorcycle that stands out from the competition thanks to its powerful engine, sleek design, comfortable ride, and advanced technology features. With several accessories available for customization, riders can personalize their Honda Fury to suit their specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the Honda Fury is a unique and stylish cruiser motorcycle that offers an excellent riding experience. Its distinctive design and long list of features make it a popular choice among riders who value both performance and aesthetics.

The Fury’s powerful 1300cc V-twin engine delivers impressive acceleration and top-end speed, while its low center of gravity ensures stability and handling even at high speeds. The bike’s comfortable seat, spacious foot pegs, and well-placed handlebars provide a relaxed riding position that reduces fatigue during long rides.

Moreover, the Honda Fury comes equipped with advanced safety features such as ABS brakes for improved stopping power in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the bike has an integrated security system that prevents unauthorized use or theft.

Overall, the Honda Fury is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable cruiser motorcycle with exceptional performance capabilities. With its sleek design, advanced technology features like electronic fuel injection (EFI), and superior handling characteristics – all combined into one package – this bike truly stands out from other cruisers on the market today.

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