World of AJ Motorcycles

AJ Motorcycles is a British motorcycle manufacturer that was established in 1909. The company has a rich history and has been involved in the production of motorcycles for over a century. AJ Motorcycles are known for their high-quality, reliable machines that cater to both recreational riders and professional racers.

Over the years, AJ Motorcycles has produced some of the most iconic motorcycles in history. Their bikes have been used by renowned racers such as Mike Hailwood and Tony Rutter, who won numerous championships on AJ machines.

The company produces a wide range of motorcycles, from sports bikes to cruisers, adventure bikes and touring machines. Their products are designed with performance, comfort and safety in mind, ensuring that they meet the needs of all kinds of riders.

One notable feature of AJ Motorcycles is their commitment to innovation. They constantly strive to improve their products through research and development efforts aimed at enhancing performance while maintaining high levels of reliability.

In recent years, AJ Motorcycles has expanded its reach beyond its home market in Britain. Today, its bikes can be found all over the world – testament to their quality and popularity among riders everywhere.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out on your motorcycle journey, there’s an AJ Motorcycle that will suit your needs perfectly. With a long history behind them and constant innovation driving them forward into new markets around the world today – it’s clear why so many people trust this brand when it comes time to purchase their next bike!

History of AJ Motorcycles

AJ Motorcycles was founded in 1987 by Adam Johnson, a passionate motorcyclist who wanted to create high-quality and affordable motorcycles for everyday use. The company started with just a small workshop in East London but quickly gained popularity due to its unique designs and reliable engineering.

By the early 1990s, AJ Motorcycles had established itself as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Its range included standard road bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, and even off-road motorcycles designed for adventure enthusiasts.

In 1995, AJ Motorcycles launched its first custom bike model called “The Cobra.” This bike featured a powerful engine, sleek design and became an instant hit among motorcycle enthusiasts. Over the years, AJ Motorcycles continued to release innovative models that combined style with performance.

The turning point for AJ came when it partnered with Yamaha Motors UK in 2001. This collaboration allowed the company to access Yamaha’s advanced technology and expertise while retaining its independent identity. As a result of this partnership, AJ released several successful models such as YZF-R6-based AR-6 Racer and FZS600-based AS-Fury Cruiser which were appreciated greatly by motorbike enthusiasts around the world.

The company continued to grow despite economic challenges faced during global recessions of late 2000s thanks to their focus on producing only quality products at reasonable prices.. In recent years they have also taken up environmentally friendly initiatives like using bio-degradable materials for their parts which has made them very popular not just amongst petrolheads but also those concerned about sustainability!

Types of Motorcycles Produced by AJ

AJ motorcycles is well known for producing a variety of motorcycles. This company has been manufacturing high-quality bikes for decades, and it is continuously improving its products to meet the ever-changing demands in the market.

Here are some of the types of motorcycles produced by AJ:


Cruisers are one of the most popular types of motorcycles produced by AJ. They have a low seat height, long wheelbase, and relaxed riding position that makes them suitable for long-distance rides. These bikes come with powerful engines that produce enough torque to make cruising on highways effortless.

Sport Bikes

Sportbikes are designed for speed and agility. They have lightweight frames and aerodynamic bodywork that allows them to slice through the air at high speeds. The engines on these bikes produce significant horsepower that enables riders to accelerate quickly out of corners or overtake other vehicles on straightaways.

Dual-Sport Bikes

Dual-sport bikes are versatile machines designed to handle both off-road terrains as well as city roads. These bikes come equipped with knobby tires, long-travel suspension systems, and rugged chassis that can withstand harsh conditions encountered while off-roading.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are built for long hauls on the open road. They provide riders with comfort features such as plush seats, windshields, fairings, luggage compartments which allow them to travel with ease without any discomforts along their journey.

In conclusion,

AJ has earned an excellent reputation in manufacturing top-notch quality motorcycles all over the years they’ve been into business; from cruisers built for touring down highways to sportbikes made purely for performance up against competitors’ bike models showing great innovation ensuring customer satisfaction every time they mount their machines.

Features and Specifications of AJ Motorcycles

AJ Motorcycles is a renowned brand that has been producing high-quality motorcycles for years. The company has gained a reputation for its advanced engineering, innovative designs, and exceptional performance. Here are some of the features and specifications that make AJ Motorcycles stand out:

1. Powerful Engine

The powerful engine is the heart of any motorcycle, and AJ Motorcycles doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Their machines come equipped with engines ranging from 350cc to 1200cc, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for speed or power, an AJ Motorcycle will deliver.

2. Lightweight Frame

AJ Motorcycles have invested heavily in lightweight frame technology without compromising on strength or durability which enables easy handling that makes it feel like you’re gliding through the streets seamlessly.

3. Superior Suspension System

The suspension system plays an essential role in providing comfort while riding your motorcycle over uneven terrains or bumpy roads — a feature AJ Motorcycles excels at thanks to their superior suspension systems that provide stability and control even during extreme maneuvers.

4.Brakes And Wheels

AJ Motorcycle’s wheel design provides maximum traction while offering excellent grip on both dry as well as wet surfaces making them more secure to ride regardless of weather conditions .Their brake system consists of multiple discs mounted onto each wheel to ensure quicker stopping times significantly improving rider safety.


  • Bore x Stroke:
    • – 78 mm x 67 mm (AJP)
    • – 79 mm x 71 mm (AJR)

  • Max Power:
    • – 53 hp @ 11,000 RPM (AJP)
    • – 98 hp @10,000 RPM (AJR)

  • Torque :
  • -56.2 Nm @8,500 RPM (AJP)
    -110 Nm @9,000 RPM(AJR)

AJ Motorcycles have proven themselves time and again with their innovative designs and exceptional performance. Their motorcycles offer a perfect combination of speed, power, control and comfort that make them an excellent choice for riders who demand the best.

Reviews and Feedback from AJ Motorcycle Owners

As of now, AJ Motorcycles has garnered a lot of positive feedback and reviews from its avid fans all over the world. A majority of them praised the company for its exceptional build quality, top-notch performance, and great value for money. Some have even compared their motorcycles to some of the high-end models in the market today.

In addition, many owners have expressed their satisfaction with AJ’s customer support team. They were amazed by how helpful they were when it came to answering inquiries and providing after-sales service. It is evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else.

One review mentioned how impressed he was with his new motorcycle’s speed capabilities: “I recently purchased an AJ motorcycle, and I am blown away by its speed! It feels like I’m riding on a rocket! The handling is also fantastic.” Another owner raved about his bike’s comfort level: “I can ride my motorcycle for hours without feeling any discomfort at all!”

AJ Motorcycles’ products are built to last as well; one satisfied customer wrote this in his review: “My AJ motorcycle has been through rainstorms and rough terrain – but it still runs smoothly like brand new!”

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable two-wheeler that offers excellent value-for-money propositions along with great performance levels – then an AJ Motorcycle could be your perfect match!

Maintenance and Repairs for AJ Motorcycles

AJ Motorcycles is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality motorcycles. It has become a leading brand in the industry due to its commitment to producing durable and reliable bikes. However, like all machines, motorcycles require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them running smoothly.

At AJ Motorcycles, we understand how important it is for our customers’ bikes to be in top condition at all times. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance services that include oil changes, brake inspections, tire replacements, and more.

Our team of experienced mechanics uses state-of-the-art equipment during every repair job. We are familiar with every model of motorcycle manufactured by AJ Motorcycles and have access to original parts needed for any repair work required on your bike.

We also advise our customers on how best they can maintain their motorcycles before bringing them into our shop for service. This includes regularly checking fluid levels such as engine oil or coolant, keeping tires properly inflated at all times using a good quality tire pressure gauge plus lubrication where necessary.

With our maintenance services geared towards ensuring optimal performance from your bike, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy many miles of riding pleasure without any safety concerns!

In addition to offering routine maintenance services on your motorcycle, AJ Motorcycles also provides customizations aimed at personalizing your ride. Our experienced technicians will help you modify or upgrade specific features such as handlebars or seats giving you an even better experience when cruising through town or taking long rides out into scenic country roads.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all repairs made by us – whether big jobs like replacing engines or smaller ones such as fixing minor electrical faults – we provide detailed documentation outlining what was done so there’s no confusion about what took place while working on your bike.


At AJ Motorcycles we take pride in providing exceptional service combined with high-quality products because customer satisfaction is paramount importance to us. With our team of experts, you can count on receiving the best possible care for your motorcycle at all times. So whether you need maintenance services or repairs made to your bike, rest assured that AJ Motorcycles has got you covered!

Future Plans and Developments for AJ Motorcycles

AJ Motorcycles has always been committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services. As such, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve its offerings and expand its reach.

One of the key future plans for AJ Motorcycles is to increase its product line. The company currently offers a range of motorcycles, but it aims to add more models in the future. These new models will be designed with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that meet modern-day needs.

Another development that AJ Motorcycles is working on is expanding into new markets. The company already has a strong presence in many countries, but it intends to enter new markets where there’s potential for growth. This expansion will allow AJ Motorcycles to reach a wider customer base and increase revenue.

In addition, AJ Motorcycles recognizes the importance of sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. The company plans on developing environmentally-friendly motorcycles that are energy-efficient and emit fewer pollutants than traditional motorbikes.

To achieve these goals, AJ Motorcycle’s research team focuses on creating technologies that reduce fuel consumption while improving overall performance. They are also exploring alternative power sources like electric engines or hydrogen fuel cells as they look towards even greater innovation in their designs.

Overall, as seen through their commitment to enhancing both product quality and customer satisfaction through continued innovation – we can expect great things from this motorcycle manufacturer in years ahead!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AJ Motorcycles is a leading motorcycle dealer that offers a wide range of motorcycles to suit different needs and preferences. The company prides itself on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you are looking for a new or used motorcycle, parts or accessories, AJ Motorcycles has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this company is their commitment to safety. They offer training courses for riders of all levels to help them develop safe riding habits and skills. Additionally, they provide protective gear such as helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots so that motorcyclists can ride with confidence knowing they are well protected.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the knowledgeable staff at AJ Motorcycles. They have years of experience in the industry and are always ready to assist customers with any questions they may have regarding their motorcycles or accessories. This level of expertise ensures that customers receive top-notch advice when purchasing from them.

Lastly, we were impressed by their online platform which allows customers to browse through their inventory conveniently from anywhere in the world. With detailed descriptions and photos provided for every product listed on their website, it’s easy for buyers to make informed decisions about what they want.

Overall our final thoughts about AJ Motorcycles are very positive: if you’re looking for quality motorcycles alongside exceptional customer service then look no further than this dealership!

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