XSR700: A Guide to Yamaha’s Retro-Styled Motorcycle

Introduction to the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is a neo-retro naked bike that was first introduced in 2015. It was designed as a tribute to the classic XS650 model that was popular in the 1970s. The XSR700 combines vintage styling with modern technology and performance, making it an attractive option for riders who want a unique motorcycle that can also handle well on the road.

At the heart of the XSR700 is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 689cc parallel-twin engine. This engine produces around 74 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque, which makes it capable of reaching speeds over 120 mph. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission and features Yamaha’s “Crossplane Concept” design, which provides smooth power delivery throughout the rev range.

The chassis of the XSR700 is made from lightweight aluminum, which helps keep its weight down to just under 400 pounds. It has a standard riding position with wide handlebars and mid-mounted foot pegs to give riders good control over their machine while still being comfortable enough for all-day rides.

One notable feature of the XSR700 is its adjustable suspension system. Both front forks and rear shocks are fully adjustable for preload, compression damping, and rebound damping so riders can tailor their ride to suit their preferences or riding conditions.

Other features include LED lighting all around (including headlights), ABS brakes as standard equipment (which can be switched off if desired), and an LCD instrument panel that displays speed, tachometer readings, gear position indicator, fuel level gauge, odometer/trip meter info., etc.

Overall, Yamaha’s XSR700 offers retro-inspired style combined with modern technology in an affordable package that should appeal to both new riders looking for something different as well as experienced ones who want something fun yet practical for everyday use.

Design and Styling of the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is a retro-inspired motorcycle that pays homage to the iconic XS650 from the 1970s. Its design features a mix of classic styling with modern technology, resulting in a bike that looks great while also providing an excellent riding experience.

One of the most notable design elements on the XSR700 is its round headlight, which harkens back to vintage motorcycles. The headlight is surrounded by LED lighting, giving it a modern touch and improving visibility at night.

The fuel tank on the XSR700 has been sculpted to resemble that of classic motorcycles but with added modern touches such as aluminum tank covers and knee grips for improved rider comfort. The seat has also been designed with retro inspiration in mind, featuring diamond stitching and a tuck-and-roll pattern.

Other design features include an exposed steel tubular frame and blacked-out components such as engine casings, wheels, fork legs, and exhaust system. These details give the bike a rugged look while still maintaining its sleek appearance.

In terms of styling options, Yamaha offers several different color schemes for riders to choose from including Garage Metal (gray), Tech Black (black), Forest Green (green), Racing Red (red), Vintage Bronze (bronze) and Brilliant Red / Matt Silver (red/silver). Additionally, there are numerous aftermarket parts available for customization purposes ranging from custom seats to exhaust systems.

Overall, the design and styling of the Yamaha XSR700 blends old-school charm with contemporary innovation resulting in one truly remarkable machine.

Engine and Performance of the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 689cc, parallel-twin engine that generates an impressive 73.8 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 50.2 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine utilizes Yamaha’s crossplane philosophy that provides great power delivery and throttle response.

The bike features a six-speed gearbox that delivers smooth shifting throughout its range. It also has an assist and slipper clutch design that reduces fatigue while ensuring smoother downshifts even when you’re in high revs.

The engine’s fuel injection system ensures efficient fuel consumption while meeting Euro4 emissions standards with ease. Its strong acceleration makes it perfect for road trips or daily commuting to work.

In terms of suspension, the XSR700 has adjustable upside-down forks on its front end with a travel distance of 130 mm while its rear uses a link-type mono-shock suspension with preload adjustment for optimal ride comfort.

For braking power, the bike comes equipped with dual hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheel along with a single disc brake on the rear wheel – providing excellent stopping power without sacrificing feel or control over the motorcycle.

Overall, Yamaha’s engineering prowess truly shines through in their XSR700 model – delivering exceptional performance coupled with classic styling elements all rolled into one package!

Handling and Suspension of the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is a motorcycle that is known for its exceptional handling, making it an ideal choice for riders who want a bike with great maneuverability. Its lightweight frame and powerful engine make it easy to control, even at high speeds. The suspension system on the XSR700 is also top-notch, providing a smooth ride over rough terrain.

The front suspension of the XSR700 features upside-down forks that are adjustable for preload, compression damping, and rebound damping. This allows riders to fine-tune their suspension settings to suit their riding style or preferences. The rear suspension consists of a linked-type monoshock that is also adjustable for preload and rebound damping.

The combination of these two types of suspensions provides excellent stability and control in all conditions. Even when cornering at high speeds, the XSR700 remains stable thanks to its well-designed chassis and sophisticated suspension system.

In addition to its superb handling capabilities, the XSR700 also boasts impressive braking power. It comes equipped with dual 282mm front discs and a single 245mm rear disc brake that provide exceptional stopping power in any situation.

Overall, if you’re looking for a motorcycle with outstanding handling characteristics combined with an advanced suspension system that can handle anything you throw at it, then look no further than the Yamaha XSR700!

Features and Technology of the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is a popular motorcycle in the market today, thanks to its impressive features and advanced technology. This bike has been designed with both performance and comfort in mind, making it suitable for riders who want a machine that can handle any road condition. Here are some of the key features and technologies that make this bike stand out from the rest.

Powerful Engine

The XSR700 is powered by an impressive 689cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers smooth power delivery at all rpm levels. The engine uses Yamaha’s crossplane philosophy, which provides linear torque delivery for enhanced acceleration. With a maximum power output of 74 horsepower at 9,000rpm and peak torque of 50 lb-ft at 6,500rpm, this bike has enough power to tackle any terrain with ease.

Dual-Channel ABS System

The XSR700 comes equipped with a dual-channel ABS system that helps prevent wheel lock-up during emergency braking situations. This ensures optimal stability when stopping abruptly or riding on slippery surfaces. The system also enhances rider confidence by providing consistent braking performance under all conditions.

Inverted Forks

This bike features inverted forks on the front suspension system that offer better handling precision than traditional telescopic forks. Inverted forks work by placing larger-diameter tubes at the bottom instead of top like conventional fork designs—this increases rigidity while reducing unsprung weight resulting in improved handling capabilities.

Adjustable Suspension

The rear suspension system on the XSR700 is adjustable to suit different riding styles or road conditions. Riders can easily adjust preload via an external knob located outside of shock absorber assembly enabling customization based on personal preferences or riding demands.

Traction Control System (TCS)

Yamaha’s Traction Control System (TCS) is standard on the XSR700, providing enhanced rider control in varying weather conditions. The system detects loss of traction and reduces engine power output to prevent rear wheel slippage. TCS can be turned off for riders who prefer more aggressive riding style.

LED Lighting

The Yamaha XSR700 has LED lighting technology that provides brighter illumination while consuming less energy than traditional halogen bulbs. This enhances visibility in low light conditions, further improving rider safety.

In conclusion, the Yamaha XSR700 is a feature-packed motorcycle that offers an excellent balance of performance and comfort. Its advanced technologies make it ideal for both novice and experienced riders looking for a bike with exceptional handling capabilities while maintaining optimal stability under all road conditions.

Accessories and Customization Options for the XSR700

The Yamaha XSR700 is a versatile motorcycle that can be customized to fit the rider’s preferences. There are numerous accessories available that can enhance the performance, comfort, and aesthetics of this bike.

Performance Upgrades:

  • Akrapovic Exhaust System: This exhaust system provides better airflow and reduces weight. It also produces an aggressive sound that enhances the overall riding experience.
  • K&N Air Filter: This air filter improves air intake by increasing airflow, resulting in improved acceleration and horsepower.
  • Brembo Brake System: Upgrade your braking power with Brembo brake systems. These brakes provide better stopping power while reducing fade during prolonged use.

Comfort Upgrades:

  • Saddlebags: Add saddlebags to increase storage capacity. These bags are perfect for long rides or commuting to work/school.
  • Gel Seat Pad: The gel seat pad provides extra cushioning for increased comfort during long rides.
  • Taller Windshield: A taller windshield helps deflect wind from hitting the rider’s chest, reducing fatigue on long journeys.

Aesthetic Upgrades:

  • Cafe Racer Style Fairings Kit: This kit gives your bike a retro look inspired by classic cafe racers of yesteryear
  • < strong > LED Headlight Conversion Kit :< / strong > Convert your stock headlight into an LED headlight for a brighter light output and sleeker design.< / li >
  • Custom Paint Job: Give your XSR700 a unique look with custom paintwork. There are numerous color schemes and designs available to choose from.

In conclusion, the Yamaha XSR700 is a great platform for customization. Whether you want to improve performance, comfort or aesthetics, there are plenty of options available that can help you achieve your desired result. With these accessories and customization options in mind, you can transform your XSR700 into a motorcycle tailored specifically to your needs.

Riding Experience and Verdict of the XSR700

After spending a considerable amount of time riding the XSR700, it’s safe to say that this bike is an absolute blast on the road. The 689cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine provides ample power and torque, making for a thrilling ride at any speed.

The suspension setup is also noteworthy – both front and rear suspension are fully adjustable, allowing riders to tailor their ride experience to their preferences. Whether you’re looking for a plush ride or something more sporty, the XSR700 can deliver.

Handling is another strong suit of this bike. The chassis feels incredibly agile thanks in part to its compact dimensions and low weight (just over 400 pounds). It’s easy to flick around tight corners and navigate through traffic with confidence.

The seating position on the XSR700 strikes a nice balance between sporty and comfortable. The rider sits relatively upright with slightly forward-leaning handlebars, providing good visibility while still feeling engaged with the bike.

All in all, there’s plenty to love about Yamaha’s XSR700. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a fun-to-ride naked bike that won’t break the bank.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the XSR700

After thoroughly testing and reviewing the XSR700, we have come to a conclusion that this motorcycle is one of the best in its class. With its retro-inspired design, powerful engine, and advanced technology features, it’s no wonder why so many riders are choosing the XSR700 as their go-to bike.

One of the standout features of this motorcycle is its 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline twin-cylinder engine. This engine delivers smooth power delivery throughout all RPM ranges and provides plenty of torque for quick acceleration. Riders will also appreciate Yamaha’s Crossplane Concept crankshaft design which contributes to improved throttle response.

In addition to impressive performance capabilities, the XSR700 boasts advanced technology features such as ABS brakes, traction control system (TCS), adjustable suspension settings, and LED lighting. These cutting-edge technologies improve overall safety while enhancing riding experience.

Furthermore, Yamaha has clearly put effort into designing an aesthetically pleasing machine with classic styling cues such as round headlight unit with aluminum stay bracketing. The fuel tank shape also hints back at models from yesteryear whilst keeping modern riding ergonomics front of mind.

Overall if you’re looking for a bike that offers both style and substance then look no further than Yamaha’s XSR700 – a bike that feels comfortable but exciting beneath you; with every twisty road or highway stretch sure to bring a smile to your face!

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