Yamaha R3 Specifications

Introduction to Yamaha R3

The Yamaha R3 is a sporty and stylish motorcycle that was first introduced in 2015. It is the perfect option for riders who want an affordable yet high-performance bike that can handle both city streets and open highways.

One of the standout features of the Yamaha R3 is its lightweight design, which makes it incredibly easy to maneuver. The bike weighs just over 368 pounds, making it one of the lightest sports bikes on the market today. This not only makes it easier to ride but also improves fuel efficiency, as riders can easily shift gears and accelerate without having to put too much pressure on the engine.

Another key feature of the Yamaha R3 is its powerful engine. The bike comes equipped with a liquid-cooled 321cc parallel twin-cylinder engine that delivers plenty of power and torque for thrilling rides on winding roads or straightaways. With a top speed of around 112 mph, this motorcycle can definitely hold its own against other sportbikes in its class.

In addition to its impressive performance specs, the Yamaha R3 also boasts a number of advanced safety features that make it ideal for new or inexperienced riders. These include anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control systems (TCS), which help prevent skidding or loss of control during sudden stops or fast turns.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable yet high-performance motorcycle with sleek styling and advanced safety features, then look no further than the Yamaha R3!

Engine Specifications of Yamaha R3

The Yamaha R3 is a sportbike that has quickly become a favorite among enthusiasts thanks to its impressive performance and sleek design. At the heart of this motorcycle lies an advanced engine that delivers exceptional power, agility, and reliability on the road.

The R3 boasts a liquid-cooled 321cc engine with fuel injection which generates up to 42 horsepower at 10,750 RPM. This four-stroke engine also produces 22 lb-ft of torque at 9,000 RPM, providing riders with plenty of low-end power for quick acceleration and responsive handling.

In addition to its impressive output, the R3’s engine comes equipped with several advanced features designed to enhance overall performance. For example:

  • A forged aluminum piston helps reduce weight while increasing strength and durability
  • Downdraft induction system boosts airflow efficiency for better fuel economy
  • Cylinder head incorporates lightweight roller- rocker arms for reduced frictional losses
  • Offset cylinders minimize mechanical vibration for a smoother ride

Overall, the Yamaha R3’s engine is one of its defining characteristics. With its combination of power and technology, it delivers an exhilarating riding experience unlike any other sportbike on the market today.

Chassis and Suspension Specifications of Yamaha R3

The Yamaha R3 is a sport-style motorcycle designed for riders looking for an agile bike that can handle both the track and the street. One of the most important aspects of any motorcycle is its chassis, which provides support and stability for the rider. Let’s take a closer look at the chassis specifications of this popular model.


The Yamaha R3 features a diamond-type steel frame, which offers excellent rigidity and stability while keeping weight to a minimum. The design incorporates high-strength bolts at critical points to provide added strength where needed.


To ensure optimal handling, the R3 comes equipped with an advanced suspension system that includes inverted front forks and a rear monoshock. The 41mm KYB fork provides excellent damping performance, while the single shock absorber helps keep things smooth on bumpy roads or hard turns.

Front Suspension:

  • Type: Inverted telescopic fork
  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Travel: 5.1 inches (130 mm)

Rear Suspension:

  • Type: Link-type Monocross Shock Absorber
  • Travel: 4.9 inches (124 mm)


The braking system on the Yamaha R3 utilizes hydraulic discs both in front and back to provide reliable stopping power when it’s needed most. The diameter of each brake disc varies slightly between front and back but are large enough to get plenty stopping force out of them even under high-speed riding conditions.

Front Brake:

  • Type: Hydraulic single disc brake
  • Diameter: 298 mm
  • Caliper: Dual piston

Rear Brake:

  • Type: Hydraulic single disc brake/li>
  • Diameter: 220 mm/li
    li>Caliper: Single piston
  • In conclusion, the chassis and suspension specifications of Yamaha R3 prioritize stability and handling. The diamond-type steel frame offers rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum, while the inverted front forks and rear monoshock provide excellent damping performance on any terrain. Finally, the hydraulic discs in both front and back give reliable stopping power under high-speed conditions.

    Braking System Specifications of Yamaha R3

    The braking system of the Yamaha R3 is a crucial component that ensures the rider’s safety while riding at high speeds. The bike features a hydraulic disc brake system with dual-piston calipers. The front brake has a diameter of 298 mm, while the rear brake has a diameter of 220 mm.

    The front brakes use floating discs, which provide better heat dissipation and reduce brake fade during prolonged use. The rear brakes, on the other hand, are solid discs that offer reliable stopping power in various conditions.

    To enhance the performance of its braking system further, Yamaha equipped the R3 with an advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). This feature prevents wheel lockup and skidding during sudden stops or when braking on slippery surfaces.

    In addition to this, Yamaha also included a Unified Braking System (UBS) in their latest version of R3. UBS automatically distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels based on speed and road condition for maximum stability.

    All these features make up an efficient and reliable braking system that provides excellent stopping power to ensure safe riding experience no matter what terrain or weather conditions you encounter along your journey.

    Electrical and Lighting Specifications of Yamaha R3

    The Yamaha R3 comes with a powerful electrical system that is designed to provide a smooth and reliable performance. The bike is equipped with a 12V battery, which ensures that the electric components are always powered up when you need them.

    The bike also features an advanced digital instrument cluster that displays all the important information such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, trip meter and gear position indicator. This instrument cluster is easy-to-read even in bright sunlight, thanks to its high-contrast LCD display.

    In terms of lighting specifications, the Yamaha R3 features LED headlights that provide excellent visibility in low-light conditions. The LED lights offer a brighter and more focused beam compared to traditional halogen bulbs. The bike also has LED tail lights which not only look stylish but also enhance safety on the road by making it easier for other drivers to see you from behind.

    Moreover, the turn signals on this motorcycle are also LED based which provides better visibility during daytime or nighttime rides. And finally, there’s an emergency stop signal feature integrated into the tail light; whenever riders apply brakes abruptly at higher speeds than 30km/hr (approximately), it will flash quickly several times before becoming steady again – alerting vehicles following close behind about your sudden stopping action!

    Overall, these electrical and lighting specifications make the Yamaha R3 one of the most advanced bikes in its class – offering both style and safety while riding on roads!

    Tire and Wheel Specifications of Yamaha R3

    The Yamaha R3 is a sleek and aggressive sports bike that demands high-quality tires and wheels to be able to deliver its full potential. The bike’s tire and wheel specifications are carefully designed to enhance its performance, stability, and safety.

    The front wheel of the Yamaha R3 is 17 inches in diameter with a width of 2.75 inches. The rear wheel is also 17 inches in diameter but has a slightly wider width of 4.00 inches. Both wheels are made from lightweight cast aluminum alloy which allows for better handling, acceleration, and braking.

    To complement the advanced wheel design, the Yamaha R3 uses high-performance radial tires that provide excellent grip on both dry and wet roads. The front tire is sized at 110/70-17 while the rear tire measures at 140/70-17.

    These tires are specifically designed to offer superior cornering ability while minimizing rolling resistance which helps improve fuel efficiency. They also come equipped with Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 sportbike tires as standard for exceptional traction on all surfaces.

    In addition to this, the Yamaha R3’s suspension system includes an inverted fork upfront which provides excellent handling precision along with optimum comfort levels even during long rides over bumpy terrain or uneven surfaces.

    Overall, these specifications make up for one thrilling ride experience that will keep riders coming back for more time after time!

    Dimensions and Weight Specifications of Yamaha R3

    The Yamaha R3 is a powerful sports bike that offers an impressive performance on the road. One of the things that make this bike stand out is its sleek design and compact size, which makes it easy to handle even for newer riders. In this section, we will take a look at the dimensions and weight specifications of the Yamaha R3:

    • Length: The overall length of the Yamaha R3 measures 82.3 inches (2090mm), which gives it a long and lean profile.
    • Width: At its widest point, which is across the handlebars, the Yamaha R3 measures 28.5 inches (725mm).
    • Height: The height of this sports bike comes in at 44.9 inches (1140mm), making it relatively low-slung compared to other bikes in its class.
    • Seat Height: The seat height on the Yamaha R3 stands at 30.7 inches (780mm), giving riders plenty of legroom to feel comfortable while riding.
    • Curb Weight: The curb weight or total weight with all fluids and fuel included is just under 370 pounds (168kg) for both ABS-equipped models and non-ABS models alike.

    All these dimensions come together to make up an agile motorcycle that can be easily maneuvered through tight spaces like city streets without sacrificing speed or power when you need it most on open roads or highways.. Overall, if you’re looking for a nimble sports bike that delivers great handling characteristics as well as top-notch performance specs across-the-board then look no further than our featured model here – from Japan’s Yamaha Motor Corporation Limited!

    Performance Specifications of Yamaha R3

    The Yamaha R3 is a sports motorcycle designed for riders who want to experience the thrill of speed and performance on the road. This bike is packed with high-end features that make it one of the most popular models in its class. From engine power to suspension, let’s take a closer look at some of the key performance specifications:


    The heart of any motorcycle is its engine, and the Yamaha R3 has an impressive power plant that delivers exceptional acceleration and top speed. The bike features a liquid-cooled 321cc inline twin-cylinder engine that produces up to 42 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and 21 lb-ft torque at 9,000 rpm.


    A good suspension system can make all the difference when it comes to handling and control on tight turns or bumpy roads. The Yamaha R3 has an advanced suspension setup that includes a KYB front fork with adjustable preload, as well as a KYB rear shock with adjustable preload and damping.


    Safety is always important when riding any type of vehicle, especially motorcycles where braking plays such an important role in avoiding accidents or collisions. That’s why Yamaha equipped their R3 model with powerful brakes consisting of hydraulic disc brakes both in front (298mm) and rear (220mm).


    The wheels are often overlooked but they play an integral part in overall performance especially for sportbikes like this one. With lightweight alloy wheels (17 inch), paired together with grippy tires from Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 series will maximize grip & stability during cornering allowing you to push harder into turns without losing control.


    The Yamaha R3 has a six-speed transmission system that allows for smooth shifting and precise control. The clutch is also designed to be lightweight, which makes it easy to engage and disengage while riding.


    The Yamaha R3 weighs in at 368 lbs (168 kg) with a full tank of fuel, making it one of the lighter sportbikes on the market. This combined with its compact size helps make this bike highly maneuverable whether you are navigating city streets or tackling winding mountain roads.

    In conclusion, the Yamaha R3 boasts impressive performance specifications that will satisfy even the most demanding riders. From its powerful engine to its advanced suspension system and lightweight design, this bike delivers an exhilarating ride that’s hard to beat!

    Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Yamaha R3 Specifications

    After a detailed analysis of the Yamaha R3 specifications, we can conclude that it is a superb motorcycle that offers an excellent balance of performance, convenience, and affordability.

    The bike stands out with its lightweight body design, which provides exceptional handling capabilities for riders irrespective of their skill levels. Its aerodynamic styling further enhances its maneuverability as well as contributes to better fuel efficiency.

    Under the hood, the Yamaha R3 packs a potent 321cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers impressive power output without compromising on ride experience or fuel economy. The six-speed transmission system ensures smooth gear transitions at different speeds while keeping noise levels in check.

    Other notable features include advanced suspension systems that work together to absorb shocks and provide maximum comfort during prolonged rides. Additionally, the instrument cluster comprises an easy-to-read tachometer, speedometer digital display for rider convenience.

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for a sporty yet practical motorcycle with great specs all around- then look no further than the Yamaha R3. It’s perfect for riders who want to hit the road in style while still enjoying reliable performance from start to finish!

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